Many in Anchorage don't understand biking traffic laws

This Letter to the Editor, published in the Anchorage Dispatch News, was written in response to the May 10th ADN article by Michelle Theriault Boots: An Anchorage cyclist is recovering after being left for dead in a hit-and-run.

First of all huge shoutout to Jackie Minge for finishing the Gold Nugget Triathlon even after being the hit-and-run victim of Boots' article. It's an amazing accomplishment for anyone to finish a triathlon, let alone to do so during recovery from being hit by a vehicle.

This incident brings to light the struggle of all those biking on Anchorage's roads. From reading the comments on Boots' article, recalling my own and many other commuters' experiences it is clear that many people in Anchorage do not know or understand bike-related traffic laws. As a year-round bike commuter, I fear that I have lived this issue far too often.

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Summer Bike Challenge

Screen_Shot_2016-05-30_at_3.23.38_PM.pngBike Anchorage is excited to announce our Summer Bike Challenge is here! We're trying something new this year by using the National Bike Challenge website to sign-up and track teams. This site has a much easier way to track your miles through different phone apps, so sign up today and get riding!

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Sign up and create a profile for the National Bike Challenge
  2. Sign up to do our "Anchorage Summer Commuter Challenge
  3. You can also create a team with your office, or competitive group of friends;)
  4. Start riding!
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Help "Raise" the Totem!

IMAG0998.jpgAt our recent Bike to Work Day Celebration, we featured a model for a new bike awareness totem that we will purchase with the help of an Anchorage Park Foundation Park Challenge Grant. This totem will include a real-time counter of all those traveling by bike.

But we’re not there yet! We need your help to raise $2016 by May 31st, to make this project a reality and permanently install the totem!

Donate today to make the bike awareness totem a reality>>

Why is counting cyclists important? The data from this bike awareness totem will:

  • Inform the municipality about the number of cyclists on our trails, data which will influence policies like Vision Zero and trail improvements.
  • Help raise public awareness through a real-time count of cyclists on the trail and enable the creation of graphics and maps to educate others.

Basically, the more information we have about how many people are biking in Anchorage, the better equipped we are to influence decision makers and the public to make Anchorage a more bike friendly city. And that’s really what we’re all about.

Will you help us raise $2016 and donate today? Click here to contribute >>

Thank you so much for your support! It all adds up to making Anchorage a safe and practical place to go by bike.

2016 Bike to Work Day

Screen_Shot_2016-05-10_at_11.03.35_AM.pngBike Anchorage is excited to support Anchorage's May 18th Bike to Work Day with some delicious incentives to get on your bike and commute. This year, we are happy to share that over 50--yes, 50!--businesses and organizations are stepping up this year to host morning treat stations to aid everyone on our morning commutes! 

Also, we'll have a party at 4:30pm at the Westchester Lagoon to celebrate a successful day!

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Summer is here!

..or at least it feels like Summer! Get out there and ride!


Bike Expo Raffle Winners!

Our Fat Bike Expo Raffle was a big fat success! Thanks to everyone who supported Bike Anchorage through this awesome raffle. The sponsors pulled together some amazing prizes and it was a lot of fun. Thanks to 9:ZERO:7 BikesFatback BikesSurly BikesRevelate DesignsBecker Sewing and DesignBar MittsVee RubberWolf Tooth Components, LLCColdAvenger Face MasksDarn Tough Vermont SocksPenAirWestmark Anchorage HotelBarYak LLCTrailside Discovery Camp, Iditarod Historic Trail Alliance, and a chandelier made from a fat bike rim donated by the artist Keri Gronewald.

If you were not present at the drawing, you can pick up your prizes at Trek Store Anchorage, located at 530 E. Benson Blvd., next to Modern Dwellers, anytime during the hours they are open.

Please be prepared to present your ticket stub, or an ID matching your name to the winning ticket. If you have further questions or comments about the raffle please contact Wes Hoskins at

Without further ado, here are our winners!




FatBack Bike


Nina Gaessler

9:Zero:7 Fat Bike


Toby Allen

Becker Gear


downtube bag


Padraic Donnelly

downtube bag


Allan Nakanishi

downtube bag


Christina Grande

downtube bag


Brian Looney

downtube bag


Sam Weatherby



Knard Tires 26x4.8"


Ryan Armstrong

Nate Tires 26x3.8"


Robyn Fisher

Marge Lite Rim Bronze


James Showalter

Marge Lite Rim Green


Rolland Carter

Rim strip white


Charles Utermahole

Rim strip blue


Loy Donaldson

Rim strip red


James Jaworski

Rim strip orange


Sean Robbins

Merino wool Beanie


Lynn Saari

Merino wool Beanie


Shane Ziegler

Revelate Designs


Williwaw pogies


Melinda Hager

Williwaw pogies


Gabe Kutcher

Expedition pogies


Kellene Cooper

Gas tank tube bag


Shawn Bailes

Gas tank tube bag


Grady Wilson

Mountain feedbag


Randy Armstrong

Mountain feedbag


Jonathoan Wiseman

Pika saddle bag


Gretchen Nelson

Vee Rubber


Vee Rubber tires


Terri Worn???

Vee Rubber tires


Cody Johnson

Vee Rubber tires


Shawn Boiles

Vee Rubber tires


Richard Ragle

Vee Rubber tires


Travis Hubbard

Bar Mitts


Mountain Mitts



Mountain Mitts


Charlotte Foley

Mountain Mitts


Brian Litmans

Mountain Mitts


Sarah Woolley

Mountain Mitts


Ralph Comellas

Mountain Mitts


Joshua Estes

Wolf Tooth


Singtrack pogies


Blake Call

Singtrack pogies


Bob Nelson

Travel tool wrap



Wooligan socks


Tom Burek

Wooligan socks


Tracy Hanson

Wooligan socks


Alex Price

Wooligan socks


Jason Lessard

Wooligan socks


Christopher Sauser

Cold Avenger


Pro balacala


Kelly Bruxvoort

Snowhunter balaclava


Ron Felde

Expedition balaclava


Laura Fox

Darn Tough Vermont


Mountaineering socks


Clayton Harrison

Mountaineering socks


Jason Kordus

Mountaineering socks


Dan Ritzman

Mountaineering socks


Paul Morison

Mountaineering socks


Kevin Paisley

Mountaineering socks


Karen Stephens

Mountaineering socks


Tami Hamler

Mountaineering socks


Tommy Gerracy

Mountaineering socks


Roger James

Mountaineering socks


Mike Mitchell

PenAir tickets


Grendal Brenner

Westmark Room


Terry Hennessey

BarYak carry system


Josh Sundstrom

Trailside Discovery Camp


Disc Kids summer week


Katherine Vollrath

Iditarod Historic Trails Alliance


trail lovers pack


Dan Reyes

Mystery Prize!


Recycled art chandalier


Charles Boyle



Fat Bike Expo Raffle

CorvusGrn2-1.jpggreen-frame-14-15.jpgOur first Fat Bike Expo is coming to Anchorage thanks to Alaska Ultra Sport, and to support the event Bike Anchorage is selling raffle tickets for some amazing prizes! For the low, low price of $20 a raffle ticket you have a chance to win a Carbon Fatback fat bike (worth $4,500!!), a 9:zero:7 fat bike, and nearly 60 other amazing prizes!

Buy your ticket from Bike Anchorage Board Members at our Winter Bike Fest events, or at our booth at the Fat Bike Expo.

Winners will be chosen on February 27th at 5:30pm at the expo (but you don't need to be present to win).

Proceeds will benefit Bike Anchorage and the Alaska Ultra Sport.

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Room to improve the Spenard Road

proposed-spenard-4-lanes.jpgIt's been a long time coming but the northern portion of the Spenard Road is close to being redone! However, there's still a long way to go to make the roadway safe for people on bikes, on foot, and in cars. Right now the proposed "bikeway" disappears after just a couple blocks, leaving people on bikes out of luck.

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2016 Winter Bike Fest

2016Winterbikefestposter-02.pngBike Anchorage is excited to announce our 7th Annual Winter Bike Fest!

We have tons of fun events to celebrate Anchorage as the best Winter City. This year we're celebrating the explosion of the fatbike scene with the first Fat Bike Expo put on by Alaska Ultra Sport--we'll have raffle tickets at our events for some amazing prizes (benefits for Bike Anchorage!). And don't miss Winter Bike to Work Day and more! Check out your opportunities to celebrate all things bike!

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Thank you Brian!

Winter_bike_2_Brian_Litmans.JPGIt's hard to think of our city's strongest bicycle advocates without thinking of Brian Litmans. Brian became a strong voice for making Anchorage more bicycle-friendly nearly a decade ago and has helped create even more bike advocates through Bike Anchorage.

Brian has been the Bike Anchorage board president from the start, and this year he has passed the torch. 

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