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Meet our Bike Anchorage Board of Directors:

Lindsey Hajduk, President


Lindsey began riding tricycles around in her dad's Chicago bike shop, and still there's nothing more nostalgic than the smell of rubber and grease for this girl. Lindsey became a bike commuter in Anchorage when she moved here without a car. That has since changed, but the biking hasn't stopped.

When she's not working for conservation in the Arctic during her day job, Lindsey is working to raise awareness about safe cycling and setting up fun events throughout the year. Our movement is people-driven so her focus is to engage new volunteers and build our membership to support a more sustainable movement.  Lindsey has been on our board since the Summer of 2012.

Wes Hoskins, Vice President
Wes_Small_Bike.jpgWes began his biking career in Reno, Nevada at the tender age of 7. His first bike was a Schwinn Stingray, but he quickly ditched the Stingray for a Redline BMX bike and learned how to craft a really smooth table-top jump.  

Successfully graduating from last-place BMX race finishes, Wes has been working to advance muscle-powered transportation for everyone. In Nevada, as a stewardship coordinator for a small nonprofit, he saw the transformative experiences that can happen for people on trails in the wilderness. He knows that getting outside and embracing the diverse weather that Anchorage serves up every day is a recipe for happiness, health, and resiliency against life’s challenges.

Currently, when Wes isn't fundraising at Catholic Social Services, he unwinds by getting people excited about biking in the snow and ice, wrenching on bikes down at Off the Chain, and advocating for more bike lanes in Anchorage's urban wilderness. 

Sam Baker, Communications Director


Sam hails from the Bicycle Oasis of Minneapolis-St. Paul, where she first fell in love with bike commuting in college and found her need for self-powered speed. Though still a fair weather commuter, Sam loves taking to the trails and streets of Anchorage to get around from April through October. Sam also found a new passion for bike races this past summer with her inaugural Fireweed race and she's already looking forward to next year's relay.

For her day job, Sam works on communications at NEA-Alaska. She's also a yoga teacher-in-training, writer, and outdoor enthusiast in her free time! Bringing her event planning experience, communications and fundraising background, and passion to Bike Anchorage, Sam hopes to make Anchorage a friendlier city for fellow cyclists and educate new cyclists about bike safety and how to feel comfortable on the road. Sam's also a big fan of making bikes worth $50 or less work for the everyday commuter!

Andy Erickson, Secretary


Andy began riding bikes in Oregon during the 1980s and hasn’t looked back since. He enjoys all forms of two-wheel transportation and even became proficient at riding on the wrong side of the road while living in England. When Andy moved to Fairbanks in 2013 for a legal clerkship he was introduced to the world of winter fat biking – an activity almost as much fun as cyclocross racing -- and twice as much fun as unicycling. Andy is currently a fair-weather bike commuter, and an advocate for safe, sustainable transportation alternatives. 

Kati Ward

Kati_Ward.jpgKati began her two-wheeled passion at a young age on her parents long driveway. Biking has thrilled her every since. From biking the trails in her hometown, to becoming a full-time commuter in DC and Portland, the independence of biking has driven Kati to go further and further.

Kati commutes in Anchorage year round, enjoys mountain biking all over the Kenai, dabbles in road races, and recently started racing cyclocross. She recognizes the need for Anchorage to be a safer city for ALL commuters and hopes she can make an impact in this community that has become her home. 

Steve Schell

steve.jpgSteve began biking while studying architecture in Philadelphia and loved the convenience and freedom that is only possible with two-wheeled transportation. He is an avid road cyclist and joined Bike Anchorage in 2016 with the objective to improve and expand our bike network.
Steve spends his days as a designer and project manager for a local architecture firm, and he aims to use those skills to see bike infrastructure holistically designed, from bike racks to bike trails to a city-wide network. Steve bike commutes year round and only has a car to aid his sea kayak addiction.

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