Bike Anchorage's mission and advocacy efforts are really quite simple — make Anchorage truly bicycle-friendly and safe for everyone. This is no easy task. In fact it will be a monumental effort that requires Bike Anchorage to work on multiple fronts. Our advocacy program is focused on achieving this goal by jumping on every opportunity to make our roadways safer for everyone on bikes, which then makes our roadways safer for everyone. You can be sure that Bike Anchorage will advocate for bicycle-friendly improvements in our infrastructure, our laws, our enforcement, and our attitudes about transportation and livability.

Bike Anchorage advocates for a more bicycle-friendly Anchorage. Some of our advocacy efforts include:

  • Promote smart policy through the traffic safety initiative Vision Zero Anchorage
  • Implementing the Anchorage Bike Plan
  • Advocating for better bike laws that make Anchorage a safer place to bicycle
  • Advocating for state-wide bike laws that encourage bicycling and make it safer, convenient and more accessible to everyone
  • Advocating for smart growth that address all modes of transportation, either project-by-project, or at the transportation plan level
  • Advocating for Complete Streets
  • Advocating for Safe Routes to Schools programs

If you know of a project that could use a bike lane or a multi-use path, or want to become more involved in advocating at the city-wide level for better infrastructure, please contact us at


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