Bike Plan

The Anchorage Bike Plan’s stated purpose is to increase bicycle facilities and the use of bicycles for transportation.

BCA was active in the development and passage of the Plan.

A public draft version of the plan was circulated for comments in March 2009.  Over 200 comments were received.   Attached is an Issues Response Summary describing how the drafters responded to and utilized these comments.

Public Hearing Draft , August 2009 was heard at the Planning and Zoning Commission and approved in November.  The Commission conducted a public hearing to obtain additional comments, and provide recommendations.  A resolution approving the Draft Plan, and noting recommended changes to the Plan is here.

In March 2010, the Anchorage Assembly unanimously adopted the Bike Plan.  The March version is available here.

Attached as separate links are the Bicycle Plan Appendices and a map of theProposed Bicycle Network for Anchorage.

Until all the facilities can be built, here is a map of existing bicycle facilities in Anchorage.

Hard copies of the Plan or CD versions can be obtained by emailing

If you have questions about the Plan you can email us at

Other Alaska/Anchorage Bicycle/Pedestrian Documents

1994 Alaska Bike and Pedestrian Plan

2007 Anchorage Pedestrian Plan

Anchorage Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

1997 Anchorage Areawide Trails Plan

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