Holiday Spirit on the Chester Creek Trail

I couldn’t ask for better winter bike commuting weather. The cold temperatures have kept the ground firm and stable, easy to ride on. The snow has been dry, light, and fluffy, and easy to ride through. Anchorage is beautiful in the winter. The trees in Russian Jack and
the Eastern side of Chester Creek are perfectly outlined in heavy snow and frost. Everything is sparkling. I ride through these areas during my daily commute. We are so blessed to have these greenbelt trails.

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Survey on Top Bike Plan Projects

BCA has been coordinating with Lori Schanche and Jon Spring, the drafters of the Anchorage Bike Plan, to identify top projects for implementation of the Bike Plan. We are seeking your input on what those projects are. To help identify these projects, we have set out the following criteria that we ask you keep in mind while filling the very short survey out:

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Spenard Road Redesign Update Meeting

There is a public meeting next Monday, the 6th, from 6:00pm-7:30pm at Romig Middle School in the Multi-Purpose Room. Please come out to learn about the redesign and show your support for a more bicycle-friendly mid-town.

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BCA Brings Positive Changes to Traffic Law

Since the summer of 2009, BCA has been working to ensure that the Title 9 rewrite is sensible and provides adequate protections for bicyclists. Title 9 is the Municipality of Anchorage Traffic Code, providing the rules and regulations of the road and it is going through a major update that, in the near future, will be reviewed and eventually approved by the Assembly.

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Winter Bike Clinic at REI

Well the snow hasn’t come yet but it can’t be far off. And that means the winter biking season is just around the corner.  If you are considering biking through the winter, come join us on Thursday October 28 from 6 PM to 7:45 PM at REI for Part 1 of our Winter Bike Commuting Clinic. We’ll cover gear, riding tips, and more. We’re setting aside some time for “Bike Consultations”, so if you’ve been wondering how you can convert your existing bike into a snow bike, bring it in and together with the winter biking experts from REI we’ll show you how. 

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104,650 Calories (or why I can eat all the blueberry cobbler I want)

This summer I participated in the AIA Summer Bike Challenge. AIA Alaska is a chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and they put on this contest to see who could commute the most miles without using cars. Small teams of five to ten were invited to participate. The challenge focused on bikes, but other forms of human powered transportation were allowed as well. The contest ran from May 21 to September 21. I was required to log my miles weekly and turn in my mileage count monthly to my team leader. Our team leader had provided me with a spreadsheet for keeping track of my miles, and the spreadsheet included formulas to calculate roughly how much gas money I had saved, my CO2 offset, and also the number of calories I had burned.

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