Clean the Coastal Trail - Oct. 10th

Coastal Trail with Moose and BikeThere will be bicyclists and pedestrians cleaning the Coastal Trail on Sunday October 10th from 3pm to 5pm. Depending on the number of people who show up we might cover most or only some of the trail, we’ll just play it by ear. You don’t need to bring any supplies, there are plenty of trash bags, but you might want to bring work gloves. Bikers, if you have trailers or any way to move bags, please bring them.

We’re meeting at the downtown trail-head of the Coastal Trail at 3pm, intersection of West 2nd Avenue and H Street (but you can’t take H Street to 2nd). Here is a link to a Google map:

Link to 2nd and H Street Google Map

…and in text just for reference:

Winter Bike Commuting Clinic

Termination dust on the mountains doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up the bike. The winter biking season is just around the corner, and the BCA can help get you ready for it! Join us on Thursday October 28 from 6 PM to 7:45 PM at REI for Part 1 of our Winter Bike Commuting Clinic. We’ll cover gear, riding tips, and more. We’re setting aside some time for “Bike Consultations”, so if you’ve been wondering how you can convert your existing bike into a snow bike, bring it in and together with the winter biking experts from REI we’ll show you how. Or you can wander the floor and oggle the brand new fat tire bikes. Part 2 of our clinic is 11 AM Saturday November 13. We’re meeting at Goose Lake for a group winter ride. Helmets are required, as is suitable winter riding clothing. We’ll meet there the second Saturday of each month through the winter. The group rides and REI clinic are free.


I played in traffic this weekend. I rode my bike in some of the busiest intersections in the state of Alaska, such as Minnesota and Benson, Northern Lights and Spenard, Tudor and C St. I wasn’t in the crosswalk, I was in the lane, lined up with cars and trucks and all the other traffic. Oh, and it was raining really hard.

It was fun. It was liberating.

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How Will Complete Streets Benefit Anchorage?

Come hear Preston Tyree, Director of Education for the League of American Bicyclists, speak on ‘Complete Streets’ and how they increase transportation choices at The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center (625 C St.) on Tuesday, August 31, at 7 pm in the museum auditorium.

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Title 9 Update and REAP Fair

The BCA has received numerous responses to the Title 9 notification we sent out last week. Thank you for your support and commitment to bicycle safety! A big Thanks to the people who contacted the Public Safety Committee and the Assembly to share your feelings on this important subject! The muni Traffic Department requested BCA notify folks Thursday’s Title 9 meeting (August 5th from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM at the Municipal Planning and Development Center in the first floor conference room #30, 4700 Elmore Rd), is not an opportunity for public testimony. It is rather a work session and an opportunity for the Traffic Department to explain their position on the subject. Bearing that in mind, if you are a cyclist interested in becoming, or are already well versed, in Traffic law, and understand the practicalities and challenges facing Anchorage’s cyclists, BCA would like you to attend this meeting. We’ll be sure to send an update after the meeting to notify you all of the results of the meeting.

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Keeping Anchorage Safe for Bicycle Famalies

Our city is considering changing a law – Title 9 of the Anchorage Municipal Code – to make cyclists liable for accidents if they are hit while crossing a roadway. No other place in the country gives the right of way to a motorist over a bicyclist. Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage (BCA) is teaming up with citizens to make sure Anchorage, Alaska, will not become the first.

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