2011 Winter Bike Fest and Upcoming National Summit

We’ve got a lot happening over the next few weeks. Here are the highlights…

Second Saturday Ride – Feb. 12th

Join us this Saturday, February 12 at 11AM at Goose Lake, for the next Second Saturday Ride

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Winter City 50k Populaire

The Basics

Registration starts at 8:00 am at Cafe Amsterdam (in the Metro Mall across from Sears on Benson)

Ride begins at 9:00am

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Winter Bike Fest 2011

Bicycle commuters of Anchorage bring you Winter Bike Festival 2011 – three days in February, packed with fun-filled bicycle events! It all starts on Feb 4th, 5:45 at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge (midtown) with Bike First Friday, then Day Two- 9AM, Sunday, February 13 with the Winter City 50K Populaire ride courtesy of the Alaska Randonneurs. In true randonneuring style, the ride starts at Cafe Amsterdam, and checkpoints along the way include the Fire Island Rustic Bakehouse, The Sugar Spoon, The Cake Studio, and City Market.

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A Thank You to the Muni and State Maintenance Crews

On Thursday, the BCA delivered gift baskets from the Great Harvest Bread Company to the Anchorage Municipality and State teams that work all winter long to keep our streetside paths clear of snow. Thanks to their efforts, cyclists, pedestrians, and public transit users have safe and easy passage through Anchorage. These folks do such a good job that I was able to sell my car a few years ago and commit to the bike for my daily 17 mile route.

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Holiday Spirit on the Chester Creek Trail

I couldn’t ask for better winter bike commuting weather. The cold temperatures have kept the ground firm and stable, easy to ride on. The snow has been dry, light, and fluffy, and easy to ride through. Anchorage is beautiful in the winter. The trees in Russian Jack and
the Eastern side of Chester Creek are perfectly outlined in heavy snow and frost. Everything is sparkling. I ride through these areas during my daily commute. We are so blessed to have these greenbelt trails.

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Survey on Top Bike Plan Projects

BCA has been coordinating with Lori Schanche and Jon Spring, the drafters of the Anchorage Bike Plan, to identify top projects for implementation of the Bike Plan. We are seeking your input on what those projects are. To help identify these projects, we have set out the following criteria that we ask you keep in mind while filling the very short survey out:

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