West Dowling Phase II

WDRII_Proposed_Alignment_Overview Sidewalk Removal The graphic shows what exactly is in the project and what is being proposed to be removed (the sidewalk on the north side between the C Street and Raspberry intersections). Sidewalks are transportation corridors for children and families.

The project team wants to know your concerns about a sidewalk removal. If you live in this neighborhood, know someone who lives in the neighborhood, or attend Change Point Church,  contact the project manager. Your opinion matters. Pass the information on to neighbors.

If BCA members want their opinion known, please contact the Project Manager listed below.

Jim Amundsen
Project Manager

Contact BCA rep Dawn Groth at dawngroth@alaska.net for any questions.

4th of July Bike Parade and Bike Valet

Bike First Friday - 1% for Art and New Fun Finish

Yippee! It’s Bike First Friday with a new funner finish location, Cafe Amsterdam at 530 E Benson (Metro Music and Books Mall) for beer!

BCA’s July Bike First Friday theme isAnchorage’s 1% for Art.

For thirty years the 1% for Art Program of the Alska State Council on the Arts and the Anchorage Municipality has celebrated artists and the visual environment by installing permanent artwork throughout  the state and in the city of Anchorage. 

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Bike Fridays and F Magazine Festival

There will be 5 Free Coffee And Treats stations for bike commuters this Friday morning! Stop by for fresh coffee and other delicious goodies to fuel your ride. We can always use an extra set of hands, so if you are available to volunteer please email Kristi at bikemoredriveless@hotmail.com.

The BCA will be at the Bacon Station (sorry, no fresh bacon this time), where the Chester Creek bike trail goes under the Seward Highway from 7 to 9.

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Become LCI Certified to Teach Safe Cycling

The BCA is excited to announce the League of American Bicyclists is sending their Education Director to Anchorage to certify cycling instructors! Becoming a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) to teach BikeEd is a great way to help cyclists in your community. Certified instructors can teach BikeEd classes to children as well as adults. Help bring the joy of safe cycling to others. If you are an experienced cyclist and would like to teach others please consider taking the next step towards certification. Traffic Skills 101 (which the BCA will offer in July or August) is a prerequisite for a certification seminar.

LCI classes start Friday evening August 27 and continue through the weekend, ending on Sunday August 29. REI has graciously offered use of their classroom for the training. The training also includes parking lot drills and a graded ride. There is a $200 cost per applicant, and we may have funding available to help if you are not able to pay the entire amount. For more information contact Kristi Wood at 278-2453, or email me at bikemoredriveless@hotmail.com.

BCA Veggie Roll Recap

BCA’s first Veggie Roll on Memorial Day weekend was a great success. We had so many people sign up that we had to add a second group. We toured six gardens, each of them quite unique. Participants got some great ideas and advice from the gardeners, and we topped it all off with a salmon BBQ. It was great practice in getting from one end of Anchorage to the other, all by bike. Stay tuned for the Harvest Roll, coming later this summer. It will be a chance to see the fruit and veggie bounty from Alaska’s Midnight Sun right here in Anchorage.

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