Title 21 - A Plan for Anchorage's Future

Could our city have better walking, biking and transit opportunities? Have you ever imagined community centers or more trees in your neighborhood? If your answer is “YES,” now is your time to take action! After many years of public process, Anchorage is in the final stages of adopting a new zoning code, Title 21, that would put the vision of the public into action. But, right now the public is being cut out of the process and the Assembly needs to hear from you!

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Let's End the Epidemic of Preventable Bicycling And Pedestrian Fatalities

We learned last week, with the release of the League of American Bicyclists Fair Share for Safety from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) report, and Transportation for America’s Dangerous by Design report, that the federal government and many state departments of transportation have made a dangerous choice by prioritizing speeding traffic over the safety of people.

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Bike to Work Day 2011

Bike to Work Day is just around the corner. We hope you have already registered. If not go to theMuni’s Bike to Work day page and register today to be eligible for a Trek 7.1 RX donated by Chain Reaction Cycles!

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Freeze My Keys Thank You to Sponsors

BCA’s Freeze my Keys was a huge success.  Thank you for your participation. Anticipate this event as much larger next year!

Please help us thank our fantastic Sponsors and hardworking, dedicated Volunteers.


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2011 Bike to Work Day Festival

Come to the Bike to Work Festival!  Friday, May 6 at the University Center Mall from 5:00-8:00 PM. Numerous reasons to attend. Hands-on bike wash, learn and practice how to wash the grime away so your bike “purrs” while riding to work. Listen to bike safety talk, because ‘Safe Habits Save Lives’. People Mover to demonstrate how easy it is to ‘hop on the bus, Gus’, with your bike. Freeze Your Keyscampaign concludes with fantastic prizes, and Off the Chain bicycle cooperative to accept bicycle donations and offer bike valet services.

Freeze My Keys - April 2011

What: Freeze My Keys



  1. Encourage more bicycle commuting
  2. Support locally-owned, small businesses
  3. Prepare you early for the bicycle riding season
  4. Provides you an occasion to educate friends, family, and businesses about the joys or opportunities to improve safety and pleasure of bicycle commuting
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