"Fat Bike"at the Anchorage International Film Fest

You will have three opportunities to catch Carl Battreall’s film Fat Bike at the Anchorage International Film Fest.fatbike-300x167

Fat Bike is showing three times near the end of a group of other festival films:

Tuesday, December 8 – 5:45pm – Alaska Experience
Friday, December 11 – 2:30pm – Bear Tooth
Saturday, Dec 12 – 5:30pm – Out North

The Film Fest describes the film as

An unknown group of cyclists embrace the beauty and challenges of riding bikes during the long Alaskan winters. Not since the early days of mountain biking has there been a more innovative, resilient and committed band of bikers. Experience the Fat Bike revolution!

You can see a trailer of the film here. And if you do head out to the Film Fest go by bike!

Support the Anchorage Bicycle Plan

Any time some article about bicycling in the city runs in the ADN, the folks who likely have never ridden a bike in town come out and say “we built all these trails for you – stay off our roads.” For those that ride these multi-use pathways (they are not trails and they were not built solely for bicycle use but for enjoyment by all users), and especially those that use sidewalks, it is clear that sticking to mult-use pathways and sidewalks is downright dangerous.

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Anchorage designated as a Bronze level Bicycle Friendly Community

Today, the League of American Bicyclists announced that Anchorage has just earned a bronze level Bicycle Friendly Community award from the League.anchorage_sealAnchorage is Alaska’s second Bicycle Friendly Community, joiningSitka which earned a bronze level award in May 2008.
Congratulations, Anchorage.
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Muni Responds Quickly to Bicycle Danger

Last Friday, I was cc’ed on an e-mail from a concerned bicyclist to the Mayor. The bicyclist had come across a nasty gratewheel-sucking grate that could (and perhaps in the past has) spell great danger for an unaware rider. The letter noted that

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Bicyclists cause less than 10% of bike-car collisions

At BCA, we try to avoid engaging or furthering the “bike v. car” debate. It doesn’t do anything for advancing the bicycle movement and its not about one or the other. Rather, its about ensuring that bicyclists can travel  safely and conveniently.  However, many who bike have likely heard the story from a motorist or two that we are derelicts and scofflaws. There is much out there on the web rebutting the myths about scofflaw bicyclists (yes there are bicyclists who violate the rules of the road but of course motorists, especially in Anchorage, have an uncanny ability to run reds, blow stop signs and travel at speeds far exceeding the speed limit). BCA aims to educate both bicyclists and motorists about the need to follow the rules of the road.

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