GRIT 2023

Bike Anchorage is honored to continue to support the Anchorage GRIT (Girls Riding Into Tomorrow) project year after year! What Bike Anchorage provides to the Anchorage GRIT is instruction on safe riding, insurance, admin assistance, project management support, and we are the fiduciary to GRIT. GRIT can only happen if the community as a whole unites to help. 

Anchorage GRIT (Girls Riding Into Tomorrow) is a middle school bicycle mentorship program for 7th-grade girls in Anchorage. GRIT aims to empower young women to safely and confidently ride bicycles in Anchorage and prepare them for a self-supported overnight bike adventure. The program features vertical and horizontal support networks via mentorship and bike-buddy pairing. The capstone project is a three-day ride on bike paths and gravel roads from Anchorage to the Serenity Falls Cabin at the end of Eklutna Lake.

Unlike any other time before, this year we have 11 students enrolled for the program, meaning that we are needing additional financial support for Anchorage GRIT this season. Our collected funds cover expenses, including bicycle purchases, cabin rentals, racks, locks, water bottle cages, tool kits, food, and mentor stipends. Donating through this page will go directly to supporting Anchorage GRIT. Feel free to email [email protected] if you want to provide in-kind donations or any other kind.

See what GRIT is all about. Check this video documenting the 2018 edition of GRIT.


$3,695.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00



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