Whether Sao Paulo or Anchorage, Riding with Awareness and Being Defensive is the Way to Go

IV_poster_analogI was checking out some bike blogs this morning  and came across the following post from a bike advocate and artist from Brazil. This poster and the description by the artist, Cabelo, seemed to strike a familiar tune,

To ride a bike in the middle of São Paulo’s traffic is to run a risk, I say this without any reluctance even though this might discourage some people.  Our city has some of the most violent traffic in the world, there is no respect and drivers almost never follow the laws, because the agency responsible for traffic fines and education, the CET (Department of Transportation) prioritizes making the traffic flow, due to the constant bumper-to-bumper traffic that we live with.  That is to say that drivers who commit serious infractions, like for example drunk driving, running red lights, and speeding in residential neighborhoods, are almost never penalized.

As the days continue to grow darker, and the holiday parties click in to full effect, be careful when bicycling. Now is the time to be extra-vigilant and ride defensively. And of course make sure you are highly visible.

You can find more cool Cabelo posters hereand  illustrations  here.bicicletada-novembro-09

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