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Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage is now Bike Anchorage. After working thourgh our strategic plan we recognized that the name didn't adequately represent who we are and what we are all about. Our mission remains the same - to make Anchorage bicycle-friendly. A bicycle-friendly city is one where it is safe and convenient to go by bike. Bike Anchorage will continute to work towards this end.

Bike Anchorage has three main program areas:


Bike Anchorage's vision is for a sustainable city where it is safe and convenient to go by bike. We envision a community that supports bicycle use and shares the road, where bicyclists feel safe, can enjoy a healthy and pleasant means of transportation, and where the streets and trails of Anchorage are safely filled with people choosing transportation that creates healthy lifestyles, reduces damage to the environment and cultivates communities. 

If you support our work and vision, please consider becoming a supporter of our work by making a donation today.





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Eye catch’n logo, but could we get a helmet on him?
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Very nice layout. Colors bring a new touch to BikeAnchorage!
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I like the layout and look of the new logo!
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Love this!
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