What to do with all that snow?

In January, after personally biking on snow and ice chunk-filled sidewalks, Bike Anchorage reached out to commuters to see what the conditions were like across town. The feedback was that many multi-use paths across the city were getting inundated with snow/ice cleared from the roads and dumped on the pathways and sidewalks of the city.


unnamed.jpgTo see how we can address this maintenance issue, we reached out to the Municipality. We had hoped to sit down with both DOT and Muni maintenance departments to understand the issues involved. While we didn’t get that meeting, we did hear back from Lori Schanche, the Municipality's Non-Motorized Transportation Coordinator.


Lori told us that she had sat down with MOA Streets, MOA Parks and DOT Roads to see how we can improve maintenance and clearing of our multi-use paths and sidewalks.


You may or may not know that clearing is split between the Municipality and DOT. They each have separate crews clearing roads and pathways. DOT’s roads are the big arterials (Seward, Tudor, Raspberry, Minnesota, etc.).

The problem comes when a pathway is cleared and then afterwards, road crews come and further grade the road and spill snow and ice debris onto the once cleared pathway. Lori noted that


It can appear counter-productive as on occasions the work of one crew messes up the work of another crew -. For example, sidewalks that have been cleared get big snow chunks from the road graders – (as shown by your photo of Minnesota and Raspberry). The crew driving the road equipment is unaware that this has happened as big chunks roll down the hill.


In order to be on top of things and take care of these issues, the crews count on communication from users. We ask if you see an issue, like these big chunks of snow on a path, or a pile of snow blocking a path – please call and let us know the location.  With hundreds of miles of roads, sidewalks and pathways to maintain you can imagine it is impossible to keep everything immaculate, but they really do try.


MOA street clearing hotline     343-8277

DOT street clearing hotline     338-1466       


We appreciate calls and only ask that people be specific and provide;

  • the location
  • the issue

With this information the crews will make every effort to take care of an issue within 24 hours. If you call the State and it’s an MOA road (or vice versa), the folks who run the hotlines will relay the message to the correct party.


When we get snowfalls (as we are expected to this weekend) it can take 3-4 days to dig things out and often pathways and sidewalks can get buried a couple of times during the snow removal process. It is just the way things work, so we ask for everyone’s patience while the crews get things opened up and then cleaned up.


unnamed_(1).jpgLori asked that we pass this information on to all of you and also stress that the Municipality and DOT “are here to provide a service and we will do everything we can to make the pathways and roads safe for bicyclists and pedestrians. Just let us know where and we are on it.”


With this, the burden is on all of us. We need to work together to solve this problem. If you are out biking, walking or driving pull over and take a picture of the problem segment of pathway or sidewalk and then call and let MOA and DOT know. If you aren’t sure who maintains the particular segment call both and leave your message.


Finally, we know it can be really frustrating when your route is a mess and you are left to fend for yourself. The priorities seem askew here. Roads are cleared and no one comes around to then address the spillover onto our pathways. What does that say about prioritization? What does it say about the Municipality’s and DOT’s efforts to make our routes safe for all users? No matter how you cut it, the response is unfortunate and we hope to come up with better workable solutions in the future. The burden in our opinion should be on the Municipality and DOT to make sure all of our transportation routes — whether roads, pathways or sidewalks — are accessible and safe. However, for this season, the burden is on us. So let’s make the most of it by politely and respectfully reporting segments that need to be cleared.  If you see that the problem isn’t addressed in a timely fashion (within a couple days) then let us know and we will raise the matter with those at both the Municipality and DOT.  So store those Muni and DOT #s in your phone and report conditions when paths and sidewalks need to be cleared.


Thanks and keep biking,




Photos taken by Joe Guyette along Raspberry near Northwood and submitted to Bike Anchorage. If you see poor conditions, please take a photo and send it to us at info@bikeanchorage.org. Please be sure to include the date and time taken and location.



Year Round Bicycle Commuting: I made it!

Reposted from "Aimee's Adventures and Travel: Living the Dream in the Last Frontier"

That’s it, folks!

Not it, in the sense that “it’s” over. But it, as in, one year of bicycle commuting. Last spring, I set a goal to stick it out and try my wheels at winter biking. It’s been a hell of an experience – cold, dark commutes were the highs and lows – but it was pretty amazing and I’m grateful that I was able to do it without much struggle.

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Bike First Friday

Bike Anchorage kicked-off its 6th annual Winter Bike Fest in fashion with a great party. Now it’s time to  experience Winter Bike Fest around town by bike. Join us and other bike enthusiasts on a tour of galleries and shops for February's First Friday art event.

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Winter Bike Fest 2015

logo_1.5x1.jpgWe are excited for Bike Anchorage's 6th Annual Winter Bike Fest. And this year we have some great events - inside and out - lined up. Winter Bike Fest is about celebrating everything bike and getting together with others to create a strong bicycle community. We hope to see you out at one or more of the Winter Bike Fest events.


Winter Bike Fest poster designed by Kristen Gilbert (Thanks Kristen!)

The Details:

Bike Anchorage Winter Bike Fest Kickoff Party

Winter_Bike_Fest_kick_off.pngWhen: Thursday, January 29th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Where: The Anchorage Community Works 349 East Ship Creek Ave.

Event details: We are inviting everyone in the bicycle community to come celebrate Anchorage as a bike-city. We want to highlight all the organizations, groups and businesses that are making Anchorage a better city to bike. There will be an opportunity to learn more about what is going on in 2015, do some light painting with bike lights, and food and drink.

Suggested Donation $5.

A big thanks to the Moose's Tooth for sponsoring this event! 

Bike First FridayBikefirstfriday.jpg

When: Friday, February 6th. Meet at 5:45. Ride starts at 6:00pm

Where: Meet at Snow City Café. From there we will bike around downtown and Midtown to enjoy some First Friday art. We’ll end at 8pm at Anchorage Community Works.

Event details: This is a free event. Just bring a bike and a smile. Make sure to have bike lights (front and back), a bike lock and preferrably wear clothes that are highly visible.


Spenard_Roadhouse_stacked_antlers_good_smaller.pngWinter Bike Fest Happy Hour

When: Tuesday, February 10th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Where: Spenard Roadhouse

Details: Bike over to the Spenard Roadhouse and show your bike helmet to your server to get FREE tots! It's the Roadhouse's way of saying thankyou for biking.


2nd Annual Winter Bike to Work DayWinterBiketoWorkDay2015400px.png

When: Friday, February 13th – all day

Where: All over town

Details: Register at http://winterbiketoworkday.org/


Winter Bike to Work Day Celebration Partywinterbiketoworkdayparty.jpg

When: Friday, February 13th from 4:30 to 6:00pm

Where: Westchester Lagoon

Details: Come on down for some cookies and cocoa and celebrate Winter Bike to Work Day with others


By Bike in Tanzaniaby_Bike_in_Tanzania.jpg

When: Tuesday, February 17th at 6:30pm.

Where: Wilda Marston Theater at the Loussac Library

Details: Sage Cohen will give a presentation on her recent trip to Tanzania.

Suggested Donation: $15


Winter City 30/50k Ride

When: Sunday, February 22nd. Registration at 9:00am. Ride Starts at 10:00amwinter_city.JPG

Where: Ride starts and finishes at the Trek Store.

Details: $20 registration fee. You can sign up in advance by going here.

This ride is put on by Alaska Randonneurs as a fundraiser for Bike Anchorage. Come out for a great ride through the city and support your favorite bike advocacy organization.

A huge thanks to Kaladi Brothers Coffee and Great Harvest Bread Co. for sponsoring this event and providing the pre-ride fuel for the Winter City participants.

Bike Namibiabikenamibia.jpg

When: Thursday, February 26th at 7:15pm.

Where: Trek Store of Anchorage

Details: Bill Fleming will give a presentation on his recent trip to Namibia where he and a group of riders traversed the remote Namib Desert and the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.

Suggested Donation: $10


You can RSVP for any of the events on our calendar or on Facebook

Winter Bike Fest Kick-Off Party Jan. 29th


Join us for a fun night on January 29th from 6 to 9pm to celebrate all things bike. We are kicking off Winter Bike Fest with a party that hopes to bring out everyone who loves to ride a bike -- commuters, mountain bikers, fat bikers, snow bikers, any and all bicyclists are invited. There will be food and drinks, games, prizes and light painting so come on down to Anchorage Community Works and help us kick off Winter Bike Fest in fashion.

Bike Anchorage-AIA Alaska Summer Challenge a Huge Success!

Bike Anchorage & AIA-Alaska 2014 Summer Bike, Walk & Bus Commuter Challenge

Wraps up Summer of Car-free Commuting

 Bike Anchorage and AIA-Alaska’s fifth annual Summer Bike, Walk & Bus Commuter Challenge concluded at the end of August with huge success. This fun, free and friendly challenge between businesses, agencies, organizations, any and all places of employment, marked huge success this year by doubling the number of teams and participants competing. Over 120 teams competed with just shy of 1000 participants.  A total of 138,990 miles were biked and walked. Add in the bus riders with 59,841 miles and the total comes to just under 200,000 miles commuted in Anchorage without using one’s car. And that’s just the people who signed up and logged their trips each day they commuted by bike, bus or foot.

S Category Winner - Trek Store of Anchorage  XS Category Winner - RIM QC-ALTA  XL Category Winner - the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game Fin and Fur Commuters


The Challenge

 The annual contest, sponsored by Bike Anchorage and the American Institute of Architects, is a good-natured competition to 

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Commuter Challenge Awards Party

The 2014 Summer Bike, Walk & Bus Commuter Challenge is all wrapped up and it has been an amazins summer. 
To celebrate, the hosts of the Challenge - AIA Alaska and Bike Anchorage are having a party at the Tap Root on 
September 9th from 5-7pm. The Awards ceremony will be at 6:30pm.
We will share all the inspiring stats with you on Tuesday at the Awards Party so be sure to come on out and share a toast to leaving the car at home.

Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage is Bike Anchorage

Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage is now Bike Anchorage. After years working to make Anchorage more bicycle-friendly, we recognized that BCA was not representative of our work. To be more inclusive and better reflect our mission of making Anchorage bicycle-friendly for everyone and anyone, we have changed our name to Bike Anchorage. Our mission remains the same and our work, as defined through our 2014-2018 strategic plan, remains focused. 

With our new website, you can find out what fun events we have planned, can sign-up to volunteer, and stay up-to-date on exciting news stories about biking in Anchorage--all in one place!

We look forward to getting more people involved in making Anchorage a more bicycle-friendly city, so get involved and stay tuned!


Ronde van Anchorage June 15th

Ronde van Anchorage

100K of love for the Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage

Anchorage loves bicycling, and it makes perfect sense to support the local bike advocacy group that works to make Anchorage more bicycle friendly for every kind of rider. That’s the reason for The Ronde van Anchorage 100K. It’s on the wild side of urban adventures. It’s challenging, beautiful, and all proceeds support the BCA! We’re giving back to insure the BCA continues on its mission.

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Thank you to our volunteers and Bike Station sponsors

As an all-volunteer organization we rely on you, our supporters and volunteers. You are the reason we are successful, from getting out and demanding more funds for Bike Plan implementation to making Anchorage’s Bike to Work Day a success. BCA wanted to express its thanks to everyone who helped out to make Bike to Work Day awesome.


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