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Bike Anchorage Business Membership Program

Bike Anchorage is proud to have the financial support of local Anchorage businesses that help us create a more bicycle-friendly city. Our business members understand the importance of a bike-friendly community as it is something they and their employee's value.

Anchorage now features more safe, accessible bike routes and enthusiastic cyclists. However, we still have a long way to go. By becoming a business supporter of Bike Anchorage, you help us advocate for intelligent, bike-friendly road projects, deliver cyclist education programs and organize fun events that encourage more people to consider going by bike.

Please consider becoming a business supporter of Bike Anchorage by donating today. To inquiry more about the business membership program, send an email to Devora Barrera at [email protected]

These businesses get that and have chosen to support Bike Anchorage with their financial resources because they want to work with Bike Anchorage to continue to improve the safety, accessibility, and fun of biking in Anchorage. Thank you to our current business supporters!

These businesses go above and beyond to support a safer, more accessible community:





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