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    Winter Bike Fest 2021

    Winter Bike Fest 2021 is around the corner, during February we will have a series of events for you to participate in such as scavenger hunts, solo rides, virtual screenings, glow fest, and more.We know biking during winter it's harder than in the warm months, the cold can be intimidating, and wearing the right gear and clothes is crucial to enjoying the ride, this is why we want to reward you for getting outside and being part of this Festival.Every time you participate in one of our activities, you will be able to win a prize. We'll release all the details further this month.Spoiler Alert! One of the prizes you can win is an Alaska Airlines double Main cabin roundtrip voucher valued at $1,250.00 each to any of their 115 destinations, and we have more! Stay tuned, and get ready!          
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    Are you already struggling with the trails and sidewalks in bad conditions? You want to take action, but not sure what to do? You want to file a report in order for the infrastructure to be maintained but don’t know who to call? We are happy to introduce you to our snow season campaign called “Plow my ride”, we encourage you to call and file a report every time you find infrastructure that needs plowing, we make sure you don’t forget where to call. We have stickers and acrylic charms available for you, the idea is that you place them somewhere within close reach when you ride, like your phone case, bike frame, handlebar, seat post, or wherever you want. The stickers have the phone numbers where you can file a report with the DOT and the Muni, so you don’t have to memorize them. Why are we doing this, and why you should be part of this campaign? DOT and the Municipality have suffered from maintenance fund cuts, and this among other things causes that the infrastructure for non-motorized users is placed second when it comes to maintenance priority. By filing reports those authorities can let the legislature know that there is a demand for maintenance and that they need more support to satisfy that need, in order for us to be safe. We ask your collaboration, while we work with the DOT and Municipality to find short and long-term solutions to this issue, that is encountered every season. P.S. If you also upload pictures, use the hashtag #plowmyride and tag us, we will forward it to the corresponding authorities to make more noise. *We have more resources like real-time grooming maps. The stickers and charms are free, send us an email (dev@bikeanchorage.org), or message through our social media to get yours! 
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