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Emily has been using a bike as her primary (or, usually, only) mode of transportation for the past 13 years in Fairbanks, New Zealand, Kansas, Wisconsin, and now Anchorage.

She is dedicated to improving the usability of the bike-transportation network in and around Anchorage so more residents will have the option of commuting and running errands by bike. Emily also enjoys road cycling and birding by bike in her free time.



Donovan was born and raised in Fairbanks and first started using the bike as primary transportation during his senior year at UAF. In the middle of a cold Fairbanks winter and his most demanding semester pursuing a Civil Engineering degree, his truck stopped working. Luckily, the UAF Greenbikes program was started to get students commuting by bike and checked out bikes to students for the semester. After learning to commute at -20°F, everything else seemed like a breeze and he's been enjoying the many benefits of the bike as transportation ever since.

In 2015, Donovan graduated and moved to Anchorage to start work in the transportation engineering sector. Over the years of commuting by bike and seeing the many barriers and dangers Anchorage's infrastructure places on non-motorized transportation options, he has become passionate about applying his knowledge and time to help mature and modernize the urban design policies in the city he loves and calls home.



After upgrading from a razor scooter, Jacob rediscovered a love of biking at college in Seattle, along with the freedom and discovery of active transportation in a city. They have been on a mission to share that joy ever since, and believe that bikes are transformative for people, streets, and cities in the face of climate change. Living car-free in Anchorage for two years gave them an appreciation for the bikeable pockets of Anchorage, hidden trail connections, and the joys of multi-modal transit. Jacob joined Bike Anchorage to help Anchorage grow into the safe, livable, bikeable city that we all deserve.



Sam grew up exploring his hometown on bike and maintains that it's the best way to get around town. He loves to hop on his bike and follow the trails to all reaches of Anchorage. Sam believes that biking is not only fun recreation, but it's also a great form of transportation and should be something that is accessible to everyone. He joined Bike Anchorage to advocate for all kinds of bikers, grow bike infrastructure within the community, and help share the feeling of freedom and excitement that comes from riding bikes.



A born-and-raised Alaskan with a passion for cycling and community, Alexa serves as the Executive Director of Bike Anchorage. In addition to building a career supporting nonprofits such as United Way of Anchorage and Alaska Legal Services Corporation, she has also led the Mountain Bike for Women festival in Anchorage and coached mountain bikers throughout the American West with the Norco Dirt Series. Alexa is thrilled to be part of a passionate team pedaling toward a future where Anchorage is safe, welcoming, and bike-friendly for all.

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  • Geo Donart
    commented 2021-11-23 10:45:35 -0900
    What a crew. Thank you all for doing this good work.
  • Anonymous
    commented 2021-09-23 05:26:33 -0800
    It’s Me