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Bike parking is a key part of citywide bike infrastructure. When people know that there will be secure, accessible bike parking at their destination, it's easy to make the choice to go to by bike. Lack of bike parking is cited as one of the top reasons why people don't ride as much as they'd like to, and Bike Anchorage is on a mission to change that.

On this page, you'll find essential resources for locating, adding or upgrading bike parking. This free service is made possible by a grant from the Municipality of Anchorage.

Bike Parking Group Purchase Program

We're organizing a discounted group purchase program for summer 2024, with high-quality bike racks offered at a discount from Sportworks and free shipping provided by Matson, to make it more affordable than ever to add or upgrade bike parking!

Here's how it works:

1. Check out our flyer with information and pricing on the types of bike racks available.

2. If you have questions about what type of racks to get, how to lay out your bike parking, or installation, connect with us for a free professional consultation.

3. Once you've got a plan, place your order by July 8th.

4. All orders will be aggregated for fulfillment this summer.

5. Matson will provide free shipping for all the bike racks in one shipping container, with estimated arrival in late August.

6. Come pick up your bike racks and connect with an installation professional to get your bike parking installed before the snow flies!


Q: Who is eligible to buy bike racks with this program?
A: Anyone who needs bike parking! Businesses, nonprofits, government entities, individuals, landlords are all welcome.

Q: Can I participate if my bike rack is going to be installed outside of Anchorage?
A: Any Alaska organization can participate, but we can only get the bike racks to Anchorage - you'll need to arrange for transportation the rest of the way.

Q: Can I get help choosing a bike rack, or designing the layout of my bike parking facility?
A: Yes! Sportworks offers free professional consultations for all participants in this program. Click here to contact Mark Schneider at Sportworks for your free consultation.

Q: I don't see the kind of bike rack I want on the flyer. Are there other models available at a discount?
A: Yes! The full Sportworks catalog is open to this discount offer. Contact Sportworks for a specific quote.

Valet Bike Parking Services by Bike Anchorage

What is Bike Valet:
Bike valet is always free for users to encourage going by bike. No need for a lock, It works just like a coat check: You check in your bike with Bike Anchorage staff and take a numbered valet ticket. We keep bikes and gear securely parked and monitored during the event, so you can enjoy the event with peace of mind. Present your ticket when you're ready to go, and we'll have your bike ready safe and sound.

Get Bike Valet Bike Parking at your event. Take your events bike parking options from nonexistent or worrisome to encouraging and amazing!
Bike Anchorage's popular valet bike parking services are available year-round for concerts, movies, festivals, races, and other gatherings. Get a quote today for a turn key Bike Valet service at your event.


Bike Parking Guide: Start here to learn about adding or upgrading bike parking at your place of business. This guide contains detailed information on bike rack specifications, location, spacing, and more.

Bike Parking Gallery: View different types of short- and long-term bike parking, with examples from Anchorage and other bike cities worldwide.

Title 21: As of January 1, 2024, Anchorage code contains requirements for bike parking for certain establishments. These requirements do not apply to all buildings, but are excellent guidelines for bike parking in general.

Project Support: Bike Anchorage offers free support for businesses, landlords, educational institutions, and any other groups seeking to add or upgrade bike parking. We can help with research, design and layout, vendor selection, and project management. Contact us to get started!

Bike Parking Map: Our volunteers are working to map all available bike parking citywide, so that bicyclists can plan their trips with ease.

Bike Parking Vendors

There are many companies that manufacture and sell bike parking of all types. The following list is not exhaustive, but Bike Anchorage has verified that the following manufacturers will ship to Alaska.

  • SportWorks
  • Dero
  • Madrax
  • CycleSafe
  • Saris
  • Huntco

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