2011 Smart Cycling Classes

Anchorage’s League (of American Cyclists) Certified Instructors were busy last week. On July 28, LCIs Anne Schlapia, Lori Schanche, assisted by Gordon Glaser taught the League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling Class Traffic Skills 101. The class was composed primarily of Municipality of Anchorage Police Department Officers and School Resource Officers. 

Last Saturday BCA board member and LCI Kristi Wood and LCI Gordon Glaser taught Traffic Skills 101 to a group of Anchorage bicyclists. Several of the students did not have a lot of cycling experience prior to taking the class, but by the end of the day, they were all riding smoothly and with confidence.

APD Chief Mew practices fixing a flat

The Smart Cycling class Traffic Skills 101 training includes a series of parking lot drills and hazard avoidance techniques. Students learn and practice everything from fixing a flat, to intersection positioning, to advanced techniques for merging with traffic, traffic law and riding confidently on streets with traffic.


Participants in both courses practiced their road skills training during a road test that included a mix of bicycle and road infrastructure. They all passed the road test with ease, even though some of them had never been in a bike lane or merged with traffic before. Students were also required to pass a written test. All students reported they are now much more confident about bicycle commuting in Anchorage.

Kristi Wood works with students during hazard avoidance drills

The League of American Bicyclists’ Smart Cycling curriculum qualifies experienced cyclists to become League Cycling Instructors (LCI), and several expressed interest in obtaining the credentials to enhance bike safety in Anchorage. BCA plans to hold an LCI class in spring of 2012.

Students complete the Naming Of Parts exercise

Keep an eye out for announcements regarding more Smart Cycling classes. If your workplace has a Bike To Work Day team, or if you are interested in bringing bicycle education into your workplace, contact Kristi Wood

at [email protected]. We have a variety of classes and options available and are happy to introduce more Anchorage bicyclists to smarter, safer more confident riding.

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