2015 Anchorage Bike to Work Day

Screen_Shot_2015-05-17_at_11.07.57_PM.png2015 Bike to Work Day treat stations: Wednesday, May 20th

Bike Anchorage would like to thank the many treat station hosts this year! In 2015, we have been excited by the amount of interest businesses have to encourage bike commutes this year. The benefits of biking to work, play, or more run a gamut from decreasing traffic and air pollution, to health benefits and a closer-knit community. Check out the map of all 30+ treat stations this year and optimize your route Wednesday morning.

Each business has unique reasons to host stations this year, so take a look at why so many are coming together to support Bike to Work Day 2015. Below is a list of each business and why they are participating:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game: ADF&G supports and encourages the public to participate in all types of outdoor recreation opportunities. You just might see a moose or bear on your way to work!

Alaska E-Bike: Alaska eBike is supporting a bike to work day station to help raise awareness to the general public that whether you are using a bike for fun or commuting, they are a serious form of transportation and a great way to get around Anchorage. The mission of Alaska eBike is to provide efficient means of transportation for people who want to drive less and bike more.

Alaska Dispatch News: ADN is hosting the bike station to a) let people know where we are located after moving from NE Anchorage b) have an opportunity to meet biker commuters in the area c) let bike commuters and others see who we are and give them a chance to ask us questions d) give out free papers!!

Bacon_Station.jpgAlaska Public Media & Alaska Public University: Alaska Public Media and Alaska Pacific University have partnered up to support the 11th annual Bike to Work Day all in an effort to be part of a health community where we all live, work and play. By participating in theBike to Work Day, we are improving air quality, reducing fuel costs and minimizing traffic congestion.  It is good thing. 

Alaska Regional Hospital

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium & Southcentral Foundation: The employees of the Alaska Native Health Campus support biking to work as a great way to support green transportation year round in the city, and to stay healthy through regular exercise.

Arc of Anchorage

Bayshore Clubhouse: Bayshore Clubhouse in South Anchorage has been recognized in the past by the League of American Bicyclists for having a Bicycle Friendly Business program. In keeping with that philosophy, Bayshore will once again sponsor a pit stop to welcome and encourage bicyclists participating in Bike to Work Day on Wednesday, May 20th.

Bayshore is pleased to once again support bicyclists and healthy lifestyles as we provide riders snacks and beverages to sustain them on their morning journeys.

Bike Anchorage: Our mission is to create a more bike-friendly Anchorage, where it is safer and convenient to go by bike. Thanks to Midnight Sun Brewing Company, Kaladi Brother’s Coffee, SteamDot, Great Harvest Bread Co., and Spenard Roadhouse for always making an unforgettable Bacon Station!

BOSCO'S and the Spenard Chamber of Commerce: “After 29 years in retail, I have observed that 93% of my customers arrive by car. When they enter the store, 74% of them show clear signs of traffic stress. 8% of them suffer from Post Road Rage Stress Disorder. Only 2% of my customers arrive by bike. They arrive unstressed, smiling and light up the whole place. Be happy. Bike.” – John Weddleton

Bristol Bay Native Corporation: BBNC is hosting a station because it’s a great way to encourage our employees and the Anchorage community to be active and live healthy lifestyles.

Roger Shaw

Chester Creek Trail Project: Educate everyone on the construction project details and detour routes during construction

CRW Engineering Group: To support healthy lifestyles and help grow our local bicycle infrastructure. We have been feeding cyclists at this support station since 2011.

Dark Horse Coffee

Denali Federal Credit Union: Because it allows us to contribute to the physical and mental good health and overall well-being of our employees and all Anchorage participants.

The Dome: We would like to support healthy habits in the community and give back where they can.

ENSTAR: We are hosting bike to work day because at ENSTAR we support active and healthy lifestyles. We have many employees who bike daily. This is a great opportunity to encourage Anchorage bikers and promote safety as we all enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Hartman Orthodontics: Dr. Hartman is very passionate about biking and is very involved within the cycling community. We wanted to support one of his favorite hobbies by bringing attention to an alternate mode of transportation that promotes healthy bodies and a cleaner city.

Heritage Birth CenterWe support Bike to Work because it is great all around.  Save money, save the planet, save your health!

Lara Imler & The Shear Gallery: I starting riding to work three weeks ago after almost 20 years of not riding. I believe it is important for our environment and our health. Get out and play!

Kaladi Brothers Coffee: Kaladi is a huge proponent of community, Bike to Work Day offers us the opportunity to get involved with people outside our cafe's. It's great for the environment and promotes an active healthy lifestyle which will no doubt have a positive affect on individuals and on the community as a whole. 

Kumin Associates: This summer, Kumin celebrates the legacy of our founder and namesake Jon Kumin, who lived his life enjoying the Anchorage trail system through cycling. Jon was a champion of living a healthy lifestyle while giving back to the community, and he inspired his employees to do the same. Bike to Work Day gives Kumin an opportunity to celebrate Jon, and celebrate the Anchorage community while promoting an active lifestyle. See you on the trail!

btwd_chart.pngThe Magpie: I want to make bicycle commuting in Anchorage safe, viable, and fun.

Public Employees Local 71: Local 71 supports bike to work day because we support our local community and are in the business of promoting safety and health. Biking is a great activity to stay fit and its good for our environment. We will show our support for the bikers by providing reflective leg bands for biker’s protection, and providing reusable bottles to ensure they stay hydrated. We will offer healthy snacks for nutrition and strength and Chap Stick to protect riders on windy days and for those speedy riders and small bottles of hand sanitizer.

Ravens' Roost Cohousing: Ravens' Roost Cohousing believes in ecological sustainability and social connection, both of which bicycling provides. We support safe trails and paths in Anchorage people use daily to get around in a healthy, efficient and sustainable way

R&M Consultants, Inc. & Bettisworth North Architects and Planners: Kick off Anchorage's next bike boulevard project on 27th Ave., and celebrate a more connected, bike-friendly Anchorage.

RIM Architects & Corvus Design: To not only promote a healthy and livable community, but to also support the BIG, WILD, LIFEstyle that can only be appreciated in the Alaskan outdoors!

Solstice Advertising: We have had a bike team Bike to Work the past 4 years and we would like to give back this year. We have a few employees who commute to work via walking, biking and bus everyday so support these forms of transportation in Anchorage. It is also out 10 year anniversary so we're celebrating with tiny crème filled cakes AKA TWINKIES!

Stantec (formerly USKH): We’re professional consultants. We’re cyclists. We’re Alaskans who love the outdoors. We're active members of the communities we serve. That's why at Stantec, we always design with community in mind.

Trek Store of Anchorage & House of Bread: Cycling is the solution to many problems that effect our community and our country. Anchorage would be a better place if more people biked. To that end, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to embrace cycling as a fun and healthy alternative to their automobile. This is why we help Bike Anchorage.

United Way - Emerging Leaders: Eating right and being active is the foundation of health! United Way of Anchorage is rewarding your healthy behaviors with some morning treats. You can also grab a red nose and invitation to our Red Nose Day viewing party!

Visit Anchorage: Visit Anchorage is proud to share our trail system with locals and visitors alike. The Log Cabin visitor information center welcomes tens of thousands of guests every year, and we’re pleased to serve two-wheeled visitors on the final Friday of each month this summer.

Find all the treat stations here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=z2LjXzGeqziw.kvF7uZpQl1nI 

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