A Thank You to the Muni and State Maintenance Crews

On Thursday, the BCA delivered gift baskets from the Great Harvest Bread Company to the Anchorage Municipality and State teams that work all winter long to keep our streetside paths clear of snow. Thanks to their efforts, cyclists, pedestrians, and public transit users have safe and easy passage through Anchorage. These folks do such a good job that I was able to sell my car a few years ago and commit to the bike for my daily 17 mile route.

I was particularly impressed last weekend, when we had to change our route for the Second Saturday Ride. There was an injured moose on the Chester Creek trail, and rather than risk upsetting it, we altered our route and took a combination of streetside paths on UAA Drive, Northern Lights, Lake Otis, Denali, and Fireweed. All the snow had been cleared from these areas and we had a great ride.

If you have comments to pass along to the Muni and State regarding snow removal, we have contact information listed atĀ Trail ConditionsĀ on our website. These folks appreciate positive feedback, so be sure to pass along an occasional Thank You.

A big Thanks to BCA board member Steve Cleary, BCA supporter Lori Schanche, and Great Harvest Bread Company for helping us arrange the gift baskets!

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