Bikeway Design Workshop - June 24th


Bikeway Design Workshop


Please join AMATS for a workshop on bikeway design led by one of the nation's leading Engineering experts, Joe Gilpin.




Joe Gilpin, Vice President    Alta Planning + Design

Mr. Gilpin is one of the nation's leading experts in bicycle facility design and is one of Alta’s experts in bicycle facility design and has worked both as a project designer on numerous projects and as a planner analyzing network connectivity and corridor planning. Joe provides project oversight and quality control for Alta designers and planners for on-street bicycle facility implementation and planning projects. Joe provides urban and rural technical trainings nationwide for bicycle and pedestrian facility design and manages projects in the Rocky Mountain States including Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho.Joe-Gilpin-cropped-270x270.jpg





This summer, AMATS will be implementing projects from the Anchorage Bike Plan. Education will be a key component in making sure that the bikeway designs implemented will reflect safe best practices and ensure that bicyclists and drivers know how to safely navigate street treatments.



Wednesday, June 24 


Municipality of Anchorage

Community Development Department

4700 Elmore Road

Training Room #30



Please let AMATS's Joni Wilm know if you think you will be attending.






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This event is sponsored by AMATS. For questions, contact Joni Wilm, AMATS Associate Planner | Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator


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