Congratulations to Summer Bike Commute Challenge Winners

The BCA-AIA Summer Bike Commute Challenge is all wrapped up. It again proved to be a fun and engaging competition with over 40 teams participating and over 47,000 miles commuted by bike. The average percent of trips made by bike in Anchorage is reported to be 1.5%.  The competition is broken down into classes based on employer size and business compete to have the highest percentage of trips by bike.

Our 2012 Bike Commute Challenge winners are:


  • X-Large (over 200 employees): Conoco-Philips with 1.2% bike commute trips.
  • Large (between 51-200 employees): Alaska Center for the Environment & Trailside Discovery Camp with 10% bike commute trips.
  • Medium (between 16-and 50 employees): ECI/Hyer Architecture and Interiors – Hyer’s Flyers with 17% bike commute trips (and winner second year in a row).
  • Small (between 1 and 15 employees): Kittelson & Associates with 39% bike commute trips (and winner second year in a row).

For the most miles biked, the top three individuals are:

  • Cindi Pannone (USKH ) with 1539 miles.
  • Kelsey Clinton (Alaska Center for the Environment/Trailside Discovery Camp) with 862miles.
  • Art Copoulos (ConocoPhillips) with 852 miles.

For the most trips made out of a possible 136 trips, the top three individuals are:

  • Marcus Geist (USKH) with 112 trips.
  • Jim Gove (ANTHC, CHS, Hepatits & Liver Disease Clinic) with 108 trips.
  • Raylene Erickson (Anchorage School District Education Center) with 104 trips.

Our awards ceremony would not be possible without our sponsors. A big thanks to:

  • Alaska Wildland Adventures
  • The Alaska Railroad
  • The Alaska Club
  • The Bear Tooth and Moose’s Tooth
  • City Diner
  • Deb Winkelman Bike Jewelry
  • Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop
  • Great Harvest Bakery
  • Midnight Sun Brewery
  • Paramount Cycles
  • Resource Data, Inc.
  • REI
  • Sidestreet Espresso
  • Speedway Cycles
  • Spenard Roadhouse
  • Steamdot Coffee

Here are the full results

X-Large                      Percentage bike trips

ConocoPhillips 1.2%
Alaska Railroad Corp. – Chain Gang 0.6%
Alaska Regional Hospital 0.1%

Large                           Percentage bike trips

Alaska Center for the Environment/Trailside Discovery Camp 9.9%
Resource Data, Inc. – RDI Riders 7.1%
USKH Inc. 6.9%
HDR Alaska 3.7%
R&M Consultants, Inc. 2.3%
Alaska Sand & Gravel 3.0%
Anchorage School District Education Center 0.9%
Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic 0.7%


Medium Teams              Percentage bike trips

ECI/Hyer Architecture and Interiors –Hyer’s Flyers 17%
Kumin Associates – KAI Psycho-lists 12%
Alaska State Parks Design & Construction 6.9%
Katmai Oncology Group 6.32%
RIM Architects – RIM Rockstars 6.27%
Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals – The Prosecutors. 4.3%
Golder Associates Inc. – Golder Green 3.3%
UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research 4.2%
State of Alaska – Division of Public Health / Section of Women’s Children’s & Family Health – WCFH – We Cycle for Fun and Health! 2.7%
PDC Inc. Engineers Not Reported
The Boneshakers (RSA Engineering) Not Reported


Small Teams                  Percentage bike trips

Kittelson & Associates 39%
Hanson Alaska, LLC   Team Name: Hanson Roadsters 25%
Trustees for Alaska 25%
Kinney Engineering, LLC 31%
Center for Biological Diversity 29%
The Maternity Outpatient Clinics & Services Dept., Providence Hospital 28%
AK Airlines/Horizon Air Employees Federal Credit Union 20%
Anchorage Dept. of Health Air Quality Section 17%
State of Alaska Career Support & Training Services Central 10%
ANTHC, CHS, Hepatitis & Liver Disease Clinic  – Liver Lovers 9.5%
Alaska Community Action on Toxics – Two-Tired Toxies 7.8%
UAA English Department – Bicycle Writers 5%
ADOT&PF, Statewide Design and Engineering, Anchorage 3.2%
Earthscape – Design Divas 2.5%* (over 50% including walking trips)

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