Holiday Spirit on the Chester Creek Trail

I couldn’t ask for better winter bike commuting weather. The cold temperatures have kept the ground firm and stable, easy to ride on. The snow has been dry, light, and fluffy, and easy to ride through. Anchorage is beautiful in the winter. The trees in Russian Jack and
the Eastern side of Chester Creek are perfectly outlined in heavy snow and frost. Everything is sparkling. I ride through these areas during my daily commute. We are so blessed to have these greenbelt trails.

 Other cities in the lower 48 are spending millions
to put greenbelt trails in, but thanks to the hard work and foresight of visionaries like Lanie Fleischer, we already have greenbelt trails interwoven throughout Anchorage. They provide a convenient, safe, and beautiful way to get from one end of town to the other. Recently someone decorated the Chester Creek trail with incredible Christmas ornaments. What a treat! I really enjoy my commute. Every day I get to ride through miles of quiet serene beauty. If it gets cold I just put on warmer clothes. Sometimes people are surprised
to learn I use my bicycle for my primary form of transportation in the winter. I think they just don’t know how easy, and how much fun, it is.


Views along afternoon ride home



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