League Cycling Instructor Seminar

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a League Cycling Instructor Seminar in Anchorage.

But wait, what is it a League Cycling Instructor?
League Cycling Instructors are ambassadors for better biking through education, the seminar is a certification for experienced cyclists that primarily focuses on training them on how best to teach bicycling education. By the end of the seminar, they will have a strong working knowledge of bikes, bike maintenance, experience riding in high traffic scenarios, and bicycling infrastructure. The seminar is not only about learning how to ride safely, it's about teaching others to do so. 

LCI can teach Smart Cycling Classes to children, as well as adults, they help people feel more secure about getting on a bike and teach them to ride safely and legally. To get more information about becoming a League Cycling Instructor, click here

In case you've never heard before about The League of American Bicyclists, we invite you to visit this page to know everything about them!

Are you interested in attending the Seminar?
Here is what you need to know:

1. The registration fee for the seminar is $500, registration closes September 12th, don't miss it! If you are interested in registering send an email to [email protected]
(you will need to become a member of The League of American bicyclists, and pay for a one-year membership $40.00 in order to register)

2. In order to obtain the certification, you need to successfully complete a Smart Cycling Class at least 3 weeks before the event and attend the 3-day seminar. 
(Most of the Smart Cycling Class can be done virtually)

3. You will need to practice social distancing, and wear a mask during the whole duration of the seminar. 



We have scholarships for people who are interested in taking the seminar and identify as WTF-GNC or BIPOC, to apply for a scholarship fill out this form and send an email detailing your cycling experience to [email protected] (The scholarship covers the registration fee only) .

*Women, Trans*, Femme, Gender Non-Conforming, or Black, Indigenous and People of Color.


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  • Matthew Mills
    commented 2020-08-26 08:56:02 -0800
    Hey Donovan,
    I think you’re missing my larger point.
    It would be disconnected from reality to deny that the WTF-GNC movement is politically, and culturally divisive in the US today. We are unlikely to change each other’s opinion on the WTF-GNC movement in general, but I’d ask you to log in to your Love to Ride account and check out our stats on the Bike Anchorage Club. You and I have some things in common. We are both avid utility cyclists, and my assumption is that you do as much active promotion of utility cycling in your circles, as I do in mine. We both want to defend the legal status of cyclists in Anchorage, we both want to expand bike infrastructure, encourage new riders and support the folks making utility cycling work here. We have both enthusiastically put our time, effort and money into achieving those goals through Bike Anchorage.
    As it’s currently run (as a pro-bike, but basically apolitical and culturally neutral organization) Bike Anchorage is a place where a culturally and politically diverse group of utility cycling advocates can honestly work together to make it easier and more fun to go by bike in Anchorage. That’s a rare and beautiful thing in our divided nation. Adding non bike-centric progressive cultural and political goals to Bike Anchorage’s agenda is going to break that coalition. To insist on using membership dollars to subsidize WTF-GNC folks, purely because they are WTF-GNC folks, is basically to say that it’s not enough to be pro utility cycling, if you want to be a part of Bike Anchorage you need to be politically and culturally progressive. That is needlessly divisive, and the effect will be to decrease rather than increase the real diversity of Bike Anchorage.
    Matt Mills, Bike Anchorage Member
    4-Season Bike Commuter
  • Donovan Camp
    commented 2020-08-25 21:05:41 -0800
    I’m proud of my local bike advocacy group for recognizing and acting to mend the quantifiable gap in the representation of all riders. Many national outdoor brands, companies, and groups have finally started moving to fix this intentional or just unseen but engineered lack in diverse ridership outreach and membership. This year I’ve started following many more WTF-GNC and BIPOC biking groups as they have worked hard to gain visibility and presence in what has been a scene monolithically overrepresented by us stale, cis-male, and pale pedalers. I know we have a highly diverse town and I recognize the growth our biking groups and those communities can mutually prosper from by working to connect.
    Very excited about this seriously needed restorative action Bike Anchorage is doing by offering these well directed scholarships. Cheers to the energy, perspectives, and value a more diverse and equitably represented bike mentoring program will bring!

    Donovan Camp, Contributing Member
  • Matthew Mills
    commented 2020-08-24 11:01:29 -0800
    Hey Dev,
    I’m very uncomfortable with Bike Anchorage’s decision to offer scholarships based on racial and/or lifestyle criteria. I frankly do not need a scholarship to attend LCI, but if my organization can afford to offer scholarships I want them offered to folks active in the utility cycling community, and based on economic need.
    Utility cycling is for everyone. There are staunch advocates who ride for many reasons, and who come to advocacy from many philosophies, religions and perspectives, and I want Bike Anchorage to be open and welcoming to them all.
    I’d love to meet with you to discuss this, but I adamantly do not want my Bike Anchorage to become an openly political organization of any stripe (my own included).
    Matt Mills, Bike Anchorage Member
    4-season Bike Commuter
  • Devora Barrera
    published this page in News 2020-08-21 13:30:25 -0800