Less Stress - More Fun when you go by bike

eGlennTraffic.43033.original.highlight.prod_affiliate.7The headlines ring out on the ADN – Snow Creates Traffic Nightmare, or Highways Hazardous as Storm Continues. On KSKA I awoke to the same message. Roads terrible. 43 accidents in one day.


Photo courtesy of BILL ROTH / Anchorage Daily News. Northbound traffic on the Glenn Highway continued to move slowly and was backed up to the Boniface Parkway overpass at 7 p.m. Dec. 15, 2009.

Police asking that folks drive slowly and give space between the car in front of you. I knew it was snowing and I knew the bike commute could be rough with the extra snow. But I had no interest in sharing the road with impatient drivers who think giving space means a few feet between cars.  Add to that the holiday traffic and it wasnt even a question. I would walk my bike if the conditions were that bad.  But thankfully the neighborhood streets were plowed from yesterday and the additional snow on top of a firm snowpack presented no problems. In fact, as I made my way to work this morning I was astounded at how effortlessly I was moving. And all the while I was able to travel on quiet streets from East Anchorage to downtown, not fretting about the traffic, accidents and whether I would make it to work and back home without a bumper to bumper event.  If your not sure about the conditions, and drove to work, take extra time driving home to scout your route to see if the conditions are good enough to go by bike  (the route should preferably take you through quiet neighborhoods). Its far more fun and a heck of a lot less stressful than being stuck in a metal box with hundreds of other impatient aggravated drivers.  For tips on how to travel safely by bike in the winter check out our winter bicycling factsheet.

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