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How do I join a challenge?

When you receive a URL to join a challenge, go to that page and you will be able to see if you are currently competing. If not, you have a couple ways to join!

  • Email the [email protected] to join a network that is already competing.

  • Join a public network that is competing.

  • Create your own team by filling out the "Team Creation Request" form.

If it is a system-wide challenge, you are automatically entered once you log your first eligible trip!

I have logged eligible trips, why isn't my rank changing?

Challenge statistics are refreshed every 2 hours. So take a break and learn some new ninja moves and check back in a little while!

How is rank determined?

Your rank is determined by the criteria set forth by the challenge. It may be by number of trips of a specific type, distance, or based off of specific impact reports. Keep competing and ranking up! The top 100 users will show on the challenge page, but all challenge participants will be shown in the final reports sent to the challenge managers (only your name, email, and challenge participation statistics will be shared with challenge managers).

Why isn't my network showing in the leaderboards?

If your network is private (not publicly joinable), then it will not be shown on the public leaderboards. Your network is competing, but not publicly viewable. If your network is not private and is not showing, contact the challenge manager to make sure that it is accurately selected as a competing network.

How do I create a new team/network?

Email [email protected] to create a new team. Include the team administrator’s name and email address. The team administrator must already be registered.

Is there a mobile website for the tracking tool?

Yes. The LinkAK Tracker, the tool used to track trips and miles saved during the Challenge, is a mobile responsive website.

What browsers and versions of browsers are supported?

Only modern browsers are officially supported. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE.

How are the results for the Challenge calculated?

Trips saved is a total of all trips saved by participants. Miles saved is a total of all miles saved by participants.

Dollars saved is calculated by $0.566 x the number of miles saved. Figures come from AAA Exchange at the cost per mile of 56.6 cents based on a mid-sized sedan and traveling 15,000 miles per year. This figure includes all costs of driving (costs of ownership, maintenance, gas, etc.).

Calories burned are based off a report published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services titled, Your Guide to Physical Activity and Your Heart, published in June 2006.

The emissions saved formula takes into consideration the emissions, specifically CO2, per person, per mile from the alternative transportation source and subtracts it from the emissions produced if driving alone.

How does the LinkAK ensure accurate results?

LinkAK results are only as accurate as the data entered by participants. Therefore, entries are diligently monitored to ensure that Challenge results are accurate. If there is an entry in question, the participant is contacted and the entry is verified.

Can I edit my log for trips I saved yesterday?

You can edit your trip diary as far back as your registration date.

Can I start my own challenge?

Send a message to your site administrator and inquire! Click here to email: [email protected]

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