Muni Responds Quickly to Bicycle Danger

Last Friday, I was cc’ed on an e-mail from a concerned bicyclist to the Mayor. The bicyclist had come across a nasty gratewheel-sucking grate that could (and perhaps in the past has) spell great danger for an unaware rider. The letter noted that

These grates are extremely dangerous for bicyclist because the typical touring/commuting bike tire fits between the grates. The unsuspecting bicyclist could crash or be thrown off their bike into or near traffic or cause the bicyclist to serve into the traffic lane to avoid the grate.

After reviewing the e-mail I wondered what if anything would come of it.  Far surpassing BCA’s expectations, the Muni, with rapid response, fixed this problem.  By noon on Friday, literally in a matter of hours from reading the e-mail in the morning, the Muni had replaced the grate identified, as well as another grate with the same dangerous design.  For all those who made this happen, BCA applauds your effort. I know that several people were instrumental in making this happen. A special thanks to Steve Shrader, Dan Southard,  Bob Kniefel, Jerry Hansen, Duane Manny and Greg Jones (I apologize for those I have left out).  On behalf of all the bicyclists out there, BCA thanks you for your responsiveness.

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