National Bike Challenge 2020

The National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event that reunites thousands of cyclists across the country, designed to celebrate and encourage biking. 

This year, The National Bike Challenge runs from May to September, 2020. You can participate individually and as part of a group. Be part of OUR leaderboard! We have created a Bike Anchorage group to track how much people in the Anchorage bowl  are biking and to spark some friendly competition through this season. 

You can be part of the Bike Anchorage Group here. And you can join multiple groups!

Sign up, and then you can record your rides manually or easily connect one of these apps to your account to automatically record your rides: Strava, Under armour "map my fitness" and Endomondo, Love to Ride app. 

We encourage everyone to be part of the Challenge: new riders, existing riders, advocacy groups, cycling clubs and groups. 

You can be a leader!


Individual Leaderboards:                                  

Top commuter - Most days

Top commuter - Most miles

Top rider - most miles, female

Top rider - most miles, male

Top new rider - most miles, female

Top new rider - most miles, male

*Filters: location (state, USA, global); time period (month, may-sept, year); workplace.


Group Leaderboards:

Most miles

Most rides

Most commute days

Most commute miles

Most Riders (who've logged a ride)

Most day ridden

*Filters: location (state, USA, global); size category 

Take a peek at last year's prizes:


PS - Some of you may remember in previous years we’ve had our own Anchorage Summer Commuter Challenge through the LinkAK website. That platform is going away, so we wanted to streamline our work with the national challenge this year.

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