REI and APU Awarded Bicycle Friendly Business Designation

At the League of American Bicyclists 2011 National Bike Summit, the League named the 2011 recipients of the Bicycle Friendly Business designation.  In Anchorage, we have two more businesses to add to the growing list of League-recognized bicycle friendly businesses.   REI-Anchorage was designated at the Bronze level while Alaska Pacific an honorable mention.

The Bicycle Friendly Business program recognizes employers’ efforts to encourage a more bicycle friendly atmosphere for employees and customers. The program honors innovative bike-friendly efforts and provides technical assistance and information to help companies and organizations become even better for bicyclists.

Congratulations to REI and APU for your efforts to encourage and support bicycle use in Anchorage.

If you are a business that is interested in applying for Bicycle Friendly Business designation please feel free to contact BCA for assistance in the application process.


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