Safer Streets to Ride

Photo by Rugile Kaladyte

I love what Bike Anchorage is working toward for the city of Anchorage-- safer streets to ride on and a more bike friendly environment.

Bike Anchorage has shown an immense level of support for Anchorage GRIT, my middle school girls cycling mentorship program. Cait Rodriguez and I are very proud of our six week program culminating in a three day 65 mile adventure ride from Anchorage to the end of Eklutna Lake. Last year, we worked with eighteen 7th grade girls. Before the program, none of the girls had ridden more than 10 miles. By the end of the Anchorage GRIT, they were riding trails with confidence and endurance. Bike Anchorage supports Anchorage GRIT by taking care of our insurance, fundraising and managing our finances. They also help us kick-off the program with a safe riding class for the students and parents. We are so grateful for all of their help and thoughtfulness. They keep our program safe and protected, eliminating much of the daunting administrative work.

I really appreciate the tremendous effort and energy Bike Anchorage puts into making cycling infrastructure better in Anchorage and supporting educational programs so I can continue doing what I love-- riding my bike and inspiring others to get out and ride theirs.

-Lael Wilcox

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