Survey on Top Bike Plan Projects

BCA has been coordinating with Lori Schanche and Jon Spring, the drafters of the Anchorage Bike Plan, to identify top projects for implementation of the Bike Plan. We are seeking your input on what those projects are. To help identify these projects, we have set out the following criteria that we ask you keep in mind while filling the very short survey out:

(1) improving connectivity for major bike routes

(2) providing a safe and comfortable route for those new to bike commuting (routes that utilize streets with less motor vehicle traffic and slower speed limits)

(3) projects that are not costly (i.e projects that mainly require new painting, striping, marking and signage ).

(4) projects that can be implemented relatively quickly to improve bicycle route connectivity, convenience, comfort and safety.

Please take the survey by Dec. 13th. You may want to also take a look at the proposed routes from the recently approved Bike Plan to see where these projects are.  If you have questions about a particular route, you can find more information about each project inTable 6 of the Bike Plan on page 60.  If you see a proposed route that is not identified in our survey please let us know what that route is in the second survey question.

This information will be passed along to the Department of Transportation in an upcoming meeting. You can find the survey here:   BCA Bike Survey

Thanks and Happy Holidays from BCA!

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