Taking Local and State Bike Advocacy to the Next Level

Since 2008, BCA has been on the ground and behind the scenes working locally and state-wide, promoting bicycle use through its advocacy, education, and encouragement initiatives. This September BCA board member Kevin Turinsky is venturing “Outside” to participate at the national and international levels to learn and share best practices on how we can create truly bicycle-friendly cities. Kevin will collect new ideas to help better serve our bicycle community here at home in Anchorage and around Alaska.

From September 7th through the 13th, Kevin will attend two critical conferences. The first is a retreat for bicycle advocacy organizations from across the nation organized and directed by the Alliance for Biking & Walking. The second is the 17th annual Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference. These events are being held back-to-back, in Long Beach California.

Tonight, Kevin will jump on a plane to attend them both. Attending these conferences will allow BCA to learn about and incorporate topics such as the impact of the new transportation law, MAP-21, Safe Routes Networks, public-private investment as well as benefit-cost analysis for regional bike projects. We’ll also learn about emerging trends such as the nationwide increase in bicycling and decrease in motor vehicle miles driven. Other topics will include Complete Streets policies, Bikenomics, opportunities in growing investment in cycle tourism, and more.

Over the last several years we have seen a dramatic rise in bicycle use in Anchorage, in both summer and winter. Attending the Alliance for Biking & Walking Leadership Retreat and the Pro Bike conference will provide our community with the latest ideas and insight to meet the increased demand for a truly bicycle-friendly city.  BCA will utilize the information gained from these conferences as a springboard to bring about major developments and improvements in Anchorage and the State.

But we can’t do this without your help. BCA has already secured a $500 matching grant from Alaska Randonneurs and Backcountry Bicycles in Palmer for Kevin to attend these conferences. You can make a difference by making a special donation today to help us cover the costs for Kevin’s attendance at these conferences. Just type “Pro Bike” in the purpose box of our online donation form.

You can get updates from Kevin direct from the Alliance Retreat and the Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference right here on our site.

Thanks for your support – Brian

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