Thank You Anchorage for Winter Bike Fest 2011

We’d like to send a big Thank You to everyone who came out for Winter Bike Fest 2011! Thanks to a number of hard working volunteers, we were able to bring you several events over the last two weeks that celebrate cycling!

We kicked off Winter Bike Fest 2011 with Bike First Friday and 35 of you came out to enjoy Bike Bingo, local art, and the company of other cyclists. 

Thanks to BCA board member and volunteer Dawn Groth for putting it all together!

Next was the first Winter City 50K Populaire, thanks to Alaska RandonneursKevin Turinksy put together a great course touring some of Anchorage’s coolest eateries, and 80 of you braved the cold  temperatures and enjoyed a fun ride through town. Thanks to Cafe Amsterdam, The Cake Studio, Fire Island Rustic Bakehouse and City Market for sharing their space with us!

We finished up Winter Bike Fest 2011 Thursday night at Bears Tooth and showed two cool films, Cycling Copenhagen and Bicycle Dreams. I’m happy to report hundreds of you showed up and the show sold out! The producers of Bicycle Dreams have offered BCA supporters aspecial discount code for purchasing the DVD online, and the BCA gets a percentage of the sales! Go to the Bicycle Dreams websiteand click the “Buy Bicycle Dreams on DVD” button. Then in the discount code box enter “BCA” for the code for an instant 20% deduction.

Another cool thing that happened recently was the launch of a new Alaskan online bike forum to replace AK Spokes. Check out AlaskaBikeHub. Thanks to volunteer Jordan Blackson for providing Alaskan cyclists with a new online forum!

Spring is right around the corner and we’re already thinking about Bike To Work Day (May 20), Free Coffee And Treats For Commuters (the last Friday of every Summer month), Free And Secure Bike Parking (we always need volunteers for these), more Bike First Fridays, the BCA Veggie Roll, and launching our Smart Cycling Bike Education classes.

Hope to see you out there!

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