Thank You Community Riders



This summer Bike Anchorage tried something new, and it really took off. 

Each ride took a lot of coordination and involvement from multiple people all along the way, including generous donations from businesses and individuals (from ice cream to homemade zucchini soup). Bike Anchorage would like to thank each ride leader:We couldn't have done this without dedicated volunteers to pick up fun topics and donate their evenings to touring people throughout town. We'd like to thank those ride leaders, contributors, and all those who came out!


  1. Bike_to_Berk.jpgCommunity Ride kick-off to Midnight Sun: Charlotte Foley
  2. Pocket Parks Tour: Hannah Brewster
  3. Lakes of East Anchorage Tour: Chelsea Ward-Waller
  4. Bike to Berk: Zack Fields
  5. Architect Tour: Mike Price 
  6. Raspberry Alley Tour: Tim Kosednar (watch the video here!)
  7. Harvest Tour: Sage Cohen (watch the video here too!)
  8. Foodie Tour: Charlotte Foley
  9. The Nines Ride and awards party: Charlotte Foley and Sage Cohen


Bike_Chocolate.JPGSupporters of a more bike-friendly community and generous donations were provided by:

These volunteers hosted 9 different Community Rides this summer aimed at building community amongst our neighbors--all by bike! The aim of each ride was three-fold:

  • to share low-traffic, cut-through and shortcut routes to travel through various areas of the municipality to help us all feel more comfortable and confident bicycle commuting through town.
  • to learn about a particular aspect of our home city through unique cycling themes.
  • to connect community through new friendships and shared riding experiences.

The Anchorage bicycle community is truly a special crop of people who care about each other and our neighbors. This was another way to find community with our neighbors and new friends. Thanks to everyone who contributed big and small to a great first year of these Community Rides, and we're excited to bring in new ideas and try some new things next year! 


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