Title 21 - A Plan for Anchorage's Future

Could our city have better walking, biking and transit opportunities? Have you ever imagined community centers or more trees in your neighborhood? If your answer is “YES,” now is your time to take action! After many years of public process, Anchorage is in the final stages of adopting a new zoning code, Title 21, that would put the vision of the public into action. But, right now the public is being cut out of the process and the Assembly needs to hear from you!

Title 21 affects everyone. It provides for sidewalks, reduces the carbon footprint, requires landscaping and larger stream setbacks to prevent water pollution, reduces requirements for parking, provides for screening for dumpsters and other basic considerations for good development.

For years Anchorage citizens like you have been working together to update our zoning code (Title 21), which will include these improvements and more.  The plan has been through extensive public process and represents the vision that the public has come up with for Anchorage.

But now Title 21 is in the hands of Mayor Sullivan and his hired contractor Dan Coffey, and nobody knows what changes are being made behind the scenes.

There are 3 things you can do.

1. Contact your representatives on the Anchorage Assembly today

and politely ask that they re-introduce transparency to the process of adopting Title 21 by:

a) adopting the original version of Title 21, which has already been reviewed by the public and represents the vision the public has come up with; and

b) examine amendments to the current version of Title 21 individually, not as a package and with adequate time for the public to review and comment on any and all amendments.

You can send an e-mail to the entire Anchorage Assembly at:  [email protected]

To find your representatives and contact them individually, click here

2.            Sign the Petition


3.            Attend the June 28th Assembly Meeting

A  loose coalition of groups representing diverse segments of Anchorage committed to making the city a better place are inviting people to join them at the Anchorage Assembly meeting on June 28th.  We will be there to demonstrate support for the version of Title 21 that community councils, planning professionals and members of the business community have worked almost a decade drafting.

When: June 28th, 2011

Where: Anchorage Assembly Chambers

Time: 5:30 till end of Assembly Meeting

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