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Movie Tuesdays

We will stream movies on Tuesdays using the Kast platform. To participate you will need to create a free user account. The platform allows everyone to participate and interact in a chat while watching the movie. 

Your name will be entered into the weekly giveaway for participating in this activity. All you need to do is join the Watch party on Kast and drop your full name in the chat, or share a picture of yourself during the watch party and tag us on Instagram. 

We will also have a Facebook event for each watch party with the link to participate, a synopsis, and a link to the trailer. 

On top of the movies, we will stream weekly, we made a collection of short films that you can watch for free here


Glow Fests

We will be handing out free reflective material for you to decorate your bike. Participating in this activity will get you one entry to the weekly giveaway.

If you choose to decorate on-site and let our photographer take a picture of your decorated bike, you’ll have more opportunities to win and will be entered twice in our weekly giveaway.

*We ask you to wear a mask and practice social distancing if attending the glow fests


February 5th - Westchester Lagoon from 4 to 6 pm

February 19th - Abbott Loop Community Park from 4 to 6 pm


Themed Routes

We have created a route for each weekend. Each route is different and you have from Friday to Sunday to ride the route, or just a segment, depending on your energy and skill level. We highly encourage you to do it with people from your household or social bubble and to wear the themed outfit for each route. Since we can't do mass rides at the moment, when you see someone wearing a costume or the same color as you around the same area you will both know you are doing the same activity! 

The second route is here



Scavenger Hunt

We will release a list of items/clues that you have to do, and each item will have a different number of points depending on the difficulty. Participants will need to document their clues with photos which can be shared on social media tagging us, direct message, or email.

We will compile people's scores and announce the three top winners. 

Participating in this activity gives you an entry to the weekly giveaway



We want to show that we appreciate your participation during Winter Bike Fest. We know it's not easy to go outside on cold days, or knowing that you can't hang out with a lot of people at the moment. This is why we want to encourage you to be part of this event and reward you for doing it.

We will have 4 weekly giveaways on the following days: Monday 8th, Monday 15th, Monday 22nd, and Sunday 28th. 

The first three giveaways will be done virtually at 1 pm and will contain all the people that participated in any of the activities from the past week, for example, the first giveaway on Monday 8th will have the names of people participating on the first week's activities, the second giveaway on Monday 22nd will only have the names of the people who participated on the activities of the second week, and so on.

For the fourth and last giveaway on Sunday 28th, all participants from weeks 1, 2, and 3 will be automatically entered to win. This means that you will have several opportunities to win gifts. We have also kept our biggest prizes for the last giveaway, including two roundtrip tickets from Alaska Airlines to travel to any of their national or international destinations valid for a whole year.



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