"Fat Bike"at the Anchorage International Film Fest

You will have three opportunities to catch Carl Battreall’s film Fat Bike at the Anchorage International Film Fest.fatbike-300x167

Fat Bike is showing three times near the end of a group of other festival films:

Tuesday, December 8 – 5:45pm – Alaska Experience
Friday, December 11 – 2:30pm – Bear Tooth
Saturday, Dec 12 – 5:30pm – Out North

The Film Fest describes the film as

An unknown group of cyclists embrace the beauty and challenges of riding bikes during the long Alaskan winters. Not since the early days of mountain biking has there been a more innovative, resilient and committed band of bikers. Experience the Fat Bike revolution!

You can see a trailer of the film here. And if you do head out to the Film Fest go by bike!

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