ASD Teachers Get Sneak Peak at Bike Trailer and Bikeology Curriculum

trailer.outside.jpgA trailer full of bikes that could travel to Anchorage-area schools to teach students Bike Safety was first dreamed up by Anchorage-area League Certified Instructors (LCIs) back in 2009. Thanks to the Alaska Injury Prevention Center (AIPC) and the Safe Routes to School Grant they wrote, that dream is now a reality.

Just before school started in August, ASD Health and PE teachers got to take a tour of the trailer and test ride some of the 35 Bike Friday OSATA bikes at their annual in-service. OSATA = One Size Adjusts to All and can shrink and expand to fit someone from 4’0” to 6’2”. Teachers are excited about bringing the bikes to their school. Their main concern was that sharing one trailer between all 130 ASD schools and programs will be difficult, as it will be very popular.

The trailer is a full-service, one-stop shop for bike safety that includes not only bikes and helmets, but also safety gear, tools, repair equipment and education materials to teach students how to ride safely. In addition, the trailer comes with a full curriculum – Bikeology – that leads students from bike basics to the rules of the road with the focus always on safety.

The goal of the program is teach students that bikes can be a great form of transportation not just a toy. Students of all ages need activity to promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition, junior high students who learn the rules of the road from a bicyclist’s perspective will likely be better drivers when they get behind the wheel of the car.

The trailer, bikes and gear will be officially donated to the Anchorage School District by September and students will be learning to bike safety skills soon after that. 


Teachers check out the adjustable Bike Friday bikes.







Teachers getting a rundown on the bike trailer and the Bikeology curriculum.








Some sweet Bike Friday OSATA bikes ready to go.

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