Bacon Station Sensation


There is nothing better than riding your bike and getting a whiff of bacon in the gentle breeze.

ANCHORAGE, AK – Attention all cyclists, stop by the popular Bacon Station on East Chester Creek Trail on Bike to Work Day, Friday, May 18th from 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM.

Thanks to the Spenard Roadhouse, the Bacon Station is equipped with 500 strips of bacon for anyone who rides their bikes to work!

This is always a fun time as Anchorage-ites get to show off their new, vintage, hybrid, road, mountain, and recumbent bicycles on the bike trails and highlight how we can all get to work in a healthier and fun way, keeping that keeps money in our pockets and smiles on our faces.

The Bacon Station is on one of the main trail thoroughfares for bike commuters, with hundreds of cyclists passing through and celebrating Bike to Work Day. Green Star, Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage, and the Muni Department of Health and Human Services will be doling out bacon, Great Harvest Bread cookies, Steamdot coffee, and Midnight Sun Breweryfizzies. Reflectosaurus will be on hand to demonstrate how we can all make ourselves more visible. The Bicycle Shop is also donating a limited number of bike lights for riders.

There will be plenty of high fives and thumbs ups to bicyclists including Assembly member Jennifer Johnston as well as Chief Mew of the Anchorage Police Department. In addition,Bike MS, the American Red Cross, the American Diabetes Association and the Alaska Center for the Environment will be out to highlight the great work they are all doing and how you can participate in some of the great events planned this summer.

“Last year 3300 bicyclists participated in Bike to Work Day, more than twice as many participants as five years ago, a dramatic increase in the number of people using their bike as a viable, cost-saving and fun means of transportation.” said Brian Litmans, president of Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage. With the numbers of bicyclists already out biking to work, school, recreating or running errands, we expect to see even more people biking to work on May 18th.

In addition to saving money, riding a bike to work is better for your health and the environment. “Biking a three-mile trip instead of driving keeps 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air. Plus, the average person loses 13 pounds during the first year of bike commuting,” said Kim Kovol, executive director of Green Star.

The Bacon Station is not the only energizer station available to cyclists on BTWD. There will be an additional 11 stations throughout Anchorage! See the map for the location(s) nearest you! How many stations are on your route? Maybe you could visit them all!

Where: East Chester Creek Trail @ Woodside Park (east of the Seward Highway, on E 20th Ave)
When: Friday, May 18th
Time: 6:30am – 9am

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