Bike Anchorage Goes to Washington, DC

This March, Bike Anchorage had the exciting opportunity to attend the National Bike Summit held in Washington, DC. This annual gathering brings together passionate bike advocates from across the nation to connect, network, and delve into the latest advancements in bike policy and funding. It was an inspiring experience for our team, and we're eager to share the highlights of our journey with you.

One of the first things that struck us upon arriving in Washington, DC, was the impressive network of bike infrastructure woven throughout the city. With an extensive variety of bike lanes and abundant bike-sharing stations, the city's commitment to prioritizing cycling as a mode of transportation was evident at every turn. This infrastructure really inspired us as we look forward to Anchorage's first bidirectional protected bike lane coming to downtown this summer—a transformative development toward safe, accessible cycling in our city.

During our visit, we biked to the Capitol to meet with Alaska's Senators and Representative. In these meetings, we shared updates on the initiatives we're spearheading to make Anchorage a more bike-friendly city. We discussed the importance of better bike policies and increased funding at the federal level, advocating for measures that will benefit cyclists not only in Anchorage but across the country. All of our members of Congress voiced their support for biking, and we're hopeful to see them again this summer at one of our group rides along the new protected bike lane!

None of this would have been possible without the generous support of our donors and supporters. We set a fundraising goal of $1000 to cover the costs of our travel to the National Bike Summit, and thanks to your incredible generosity, we not only met but exceeded that goal. We are immensely grateful for your contributions and belief in our mission. Your support has empowered us to amplify our advocacy efforts and drive positive change for cyclists in Anchorage.

As we return home from the National Bike Summit, we carry with us a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and renewed determination to make Anchorage a better, more bike-friendly city. We are excited to leverage the insights gained from this experience and put them into action, working collaboratively with our community partners and local stakeholders to create a safer, more accessible cycling environment for all.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this trip possible. Together, we will continue to pedal towards a brighter future for cycling in Anchorage!

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