Come show your support for the Anchorage Bike Plan

To all Anchorage bicyclists. All of our groundwork has succeeded. We’re hearing the Bicycle Plan has 100% assembly and mayoral support, and is expected to pass on Tuesday night. Therefore, it’s absolutely critical that those of us showing up at the Tuesday assembly meeting respectfully keep quiet and just let the assembly vote. The sooner they can vote on it, w/o any interruptions from enthusiastic cyclists, the sooner we will have our Bicycle Plan.

Since we have certainty in the Bicycle Plan passing on Tuesday, it’s essential that we respect the decorum and simply let the vote take place. Please, refrain the urge to speak at the meeting. The work has already been done.

This Saturday, March 6, re-channel that energy and blow off all your excitement at the BCA Winter Bike Fest fundraiser. 6:30-8:30 pm at BP Energy Bldg. Let’s all bask in the glory.

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