Preventing Bike Theft

You should always carry a secure lock whenever you plan to leave your bicycle unattended. U-locks have proven to be most effective, but, like all locks, they can be defeated. Use a high-end U-lock to reduce the chances of your lock being defeated. You should always exercise care in where and how you lock your bike.

Always lock your bicycle through its frame and the front wheel to an approved bicycle parking rack. Lock all free parts of the bicycle as well or take them with you. If you lock only the front wheel to the bike lock you may return to find your bike gone and only that wheel remaining. Leave your bicycle in a visible, well lit area and check on your bike regularly.

If your bicycle is stolen you should report the crime immediately to the Anchorage Police Department. Providing the police with descriptive information such as the serial number increases the chance of recovery.

To report the theft of a bicycle contact APD at 907-786-8900


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