The Texas 4000

From the organizers of the Texas 4000:

Attention all bikers!  The Texas 4000 Charity Bike Ride (T4K) from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska arrives here Friday, August 10th.  This is the 15th anniversary of this amazing event. Again this year we need lots of local riders to come out to greet these incredible young riders and give them a big escort on their last 32 miles of their 4000 mile journey.  You can find out about their journey and the organization at
We will meet on the east side parking lot of Change Point Church on Raspberry Road at 10:30am on the morning of August 10, and a bus will be provided to transport everybody out to Mirror Lake.  The bus will leave the parking lot at 11am sharp.  Carlile will be providing transportation for your bikes from the church out to Mirror Lake.  The ride is approximately 32 miles from Mirror Lake back to Change Point Church with almost all of it being on designated bike paths.  There will be a lunch provided at Mirror Lake for all those participating in the ride and we will have a rest stop on the ride at about the half way point.  YOU MUST HAVE A HELMET TO PARTICIPATE.
I encourage you to take a look at the maps and familiarize yourself with them so you can help lead some of the T4K group to the finish line.
Please let me know if you plan on participating so we can plan on how many lunches to provide.  You can either email me at [email protected] or text me at (907)748-3671.   My name is Keith Foerster.

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