Upcoming Summer Events and Take Action

KSKA Summer Party, Saturday June 2, 3PM-10PM, 3877 University Drive (near the APU campus)
The party is free and open to the public, and everyone’s invited to enjoy the hot dogs and live music. Come down by bike and enjoy the safety and convenience of our Free And Secure Bike Parking Service. See the website for more information.

Tour De Cure, Sunday June 3, Mountain View Lions Park
Registration is still open. Take the challenge and get ready to Take the Ride of Your Life! The sense of accomplishment that you’ll feel as you cross the finish line can only be matched by the difference you’ll be making in the lives of the over 68,500 Alaskans living with diabetes. 25K, 50K, and 100K courses available, and each route is an opportunity see how easy it is to move around Anchorage by bike. Each route is color coded and supported with trail markings, SAG vehicles, more route marshals and volunteers, bike techs, and so much more! This is a fully supported ride, lunch and snacks are provided. See the websitefor details.

Alaska Food Film Food Fest, June 1 – 6th 5:30 PM, Bears Tooth
Join ACE and Bear Tooth Theatre Pub and Grill for The Alaska Food Film Festival at the Bear Tooth Theatre from June 1st through June 6th each day at 5:30 pm. This fun event features local food specials from the Bear Tooth and fantastic films about all the ways we love food. Make sure to stop by the information table to get connected to Alaska’s local food movement. See the website for details. Monday night go by bike and enjoy the safety and convenience of our Free And Secure Bike Parking Service. The film is El Bulli: Cooking In Progress. It’s a documentary about one of the world’s premier restaurants.

Action Alert: Protect the Coastal Trail, Tuesday, June 5th at 5pm, the Loussac Library 1st floor Assembly Chambers The City’s Draft West Anchorage District Plan currently recommends a “Comprehensive Land Exchange” that would give the airport Pt. Woronzof Park and a section of the Coastal Trail and greenbelt for Airport Development. The public said “No!” in 2008 and it’s time to say “No!” again!
Please attend the Assembly Public Hearing on Tuesday, June 5th at 5pm at the Loussac Library 1st floor Assembly Chambers and ask them to DELETE a Comprehensive Land Exchange from the plan that would give the airport Pt. Woronzof Park and a section of the Coastal Trail. Or if you can’t show up in person, email assembly members at [email protected]. For more information please contact Nick Moe at [email protected] or call 274-3662.

Action Alert: Cardin-Cochran amendment
As the House and Senate negotiations continue, we need you to help defend a crucial provision in the Senate bill that is under attack.

Known as the Cardin-Cochran amendment, it would help our cities and towns revitalize Main streets, improve public health, and make streets safer for everyone who uses them. It does that by giving them the ability to make choices about how transportation dollars are spent in their communities.
Can you take just a minute to tell your senators and representative to preserve and defend the Cardin-Cochran amendment?
Many of you wrote your senators about this amendment back in February, resulting in a huge victory when it won bipartisan support and was included in the Senate bill. But it’s under attack right now and could be scrapped as the House and Senate negotiate a final transportation bill if we don’t fight for it. Today.
If this important provision isn’t included in the final transportation bill, Congress would take transportation choices away from local governments and give the state sole power over them.
Senators already recognized that they should give control and choice back to local governments to invest in the smaller projects in their communities that revitalize their communities while building out a full transportation network that is safe for everyone.
These issues are being decided this week in the conference negotiations. So please tell your Senator and representative to preserve the Cardin-Cochran provision.

Thanks for your support,

Stephen Lee Davis
Deputy Communications Director
Transportation for America

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