Winter Bike Fest 2011

Bicycle commuters of Anchorage bring you Winter Bike Festival 2011 – three days in February, packed with fun-filled bicycle events! It all starts on Feb 4th, 5:45 at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge (midtown) with Bike First Friday, then Day Two- 9AM, Sunday, February 13 with the Winter City 50K Populaire ride courtesy of the Alaska Randonneurs. In true randonneuring style, the ride starts at Cafe Amsterdam, and checkpoints along the way include the Fire Island Rustic Bakehouse, The Sugar Spoon, The Cake Studio, and City Market.

You’ll have plenty of delicious treats to choose from as you eat your way from one checkpoint to the next! Then you can enjoy pizza and beer when the ride ends at Moose’s tooth. See how easy it is to get around Anchorage by bike as you enjoy a fun and casual ride around town. Fatbike rentals available through Arctic Cycles for $35. Call Arctic Cycles at 907-351-8545 to reserve your bike, and call early as there is a limited supply. This is a benefit ride for the BCA. There is a $10 registration fee and half goes to the BCA. Registration begins at 8AM. The first 20 riders to register and complete the ride will get coupons for free admission to Day Two of the 2011 Winter Bike Festival.

Day Three is Thursday, Feb. 17th at 8PM at the Bear Tooth Theare Pub. We will be showing two films, Cycling Copenhagen and Bicycle Dreams. Learn why Copenhagen enjoys 50% bike commutership. Watching crowds bike commute through the heart of Copenhagen is truly a unique experience. Bicycle Dreams shows us a glimpse of the awesome experience of the Race Across America. USA Today said “Bicycle Dreams is a beautiful film that probes deeply into the sport’s heart of darkness, offering an inspiring glimpse at the high price of glory.” Tickets are $7.00. Ticket sales do not benefit BCA, so we will also be taking donations at the event to support our work to make Anchorage more bicycle-friendly.

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