Anchorage Parking Reform Guest Presentation: “20 Reasons to End Parking Mandates”

Parking regulations across the U.S., including Anchorage, have impacted our urban spaces in ways that we're only just beginning to understand. Mobility for people on bikes is high on a long list of groups affected by those regulations. Luckily parking reform is underway for our city. Come and enjoy an entertaining and informative presentation "20 Reasons to End Parking Mandates" by two leading experts from Sightline Institute's research team Catie Gould and Jeannette Lee



Catie Gould - researcher, writes about climate and transportation policy for Sightline with insights from over a decade of experience in engineering and data analysis. She previously led advocacy work for better bike and bus infrastructure in Portland and wrote about local transportation issues.



Jeannette Lee - Senior researcher and Alaska lead at Sightline who focuses on democracy and housing issues from Sightline’s office in Anchorage, Alaska. Her previous work includes serving as a consultant at the Adaptation Fund and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, a federal natural gas researcher, and a journalist for The Associated Press in Alaska and Hawai`i Atlantic Media Company in Washington, DC, and the former Alaska Dispatch News (previously and currently the Anchorage Daily News).



Join us in-person at The Launch Company or view the live presentation here: Zoom Link

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