2022 Denali Randonneurs Summer Schedule - Anchorage to Seward (and back!)


It’s 2022 and Denali Randonneurs is back!  The snow is deep and beautiful but the sun is shining and soon it will be time to ride the roads. Our first ride is coming sooner than you think–on May 14 in Talkeetna. In order to participate in our rides you need to be a member of Denali Randonneurs, and a member of Randonneurs USA.

About Randonneuring

Randonneuring (sometimes called audax) is non-competitive, long distance cycling. Camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring. Finishing riders are always listed in alphabetical order, not by time of completion. Complete the  course in the time allotted and congratulations, you are a randonneur.

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$45.00 USD

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